Thursday, November 24, 2011

Council GOP celebrates Thanksgiving


Anonymous said...

I knew those "turkeys" would get together to celebrate something.

Exactly what they've done for their constituents that's worth celebrating is beyond my comprehension!

I'll celebrate when they're soon gone!

You can stuff my turkey on that!

And a big loud, resounding
Robert Di Niro
("Scent Of A Woman"), "HOO-HAH"...
when Halloran's finally packed it in!

he might reappear as a Halloween clown....with Megan?

Gary the Agnostic said...

Anon no. 1:

Al Pacino, not Robert DiNiro,

Anonymous said...

You meant to say Al Pacino.

Anonymous said...

No one has yet been able to tell me what Halloran has done for his constituents!

Anonymous said... got me on Di Niro....Gary.

My mistake.

I saw Pacino's face but it came out Di Niro.

Those Italians (LOL) look all alike to me.

Anonymous said...

dOn't knock on Dan Halloran
just because he is going to be the next State senator from North queens
sorry parkside soldiers the state senate will stay Republican for another generation

Anonymous said...

Mamma mia!

Yes...yes, again...
I meant Pacino.

I was having a "Perry moment".

Anonymous said...

What are they on?

Anonymous said...

Please tell me what Halloran has accomplished other than banging his help.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 6:

You bet he is. Oh, by the way. I own a bridge that runs between Brooklyn and Manhattan that I'd like to sell you.

Anonymous said...

Halloran did not support weprin (dem.) vs. Cong. Robt. Turner.
he will not raise your property taxes like john liu did (dem) did twice.

he will not vote to name a street after sonny carson ,the riot inflamed revolutionary, like tony avella and former Black Panther CM from bklyn did.

he lobbied to open P.S.159Q playground /park for the community teens to exercise at , after school and summers.

visit his office and get the information on his accomplishments since being elected,and you will be able to enlighten Q.C.readers.your questions are zeros.

please tell us what manes,leffler ,mc glaughlin,seminerio,hevesi, liu,etc,etc,( all dems.) did for us ?

Anonymous said...

None of them are in the State Senate now, so they're irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

His office will tell us spin, we want tangible results! What has he done?????

Anonymous said...

Maybe the people at his office know who the "Three Sanitation Workers" are.

Anonymous said...

all of us homeowners, who observed the plows with their shovels at half mast, know that doomsberg was not driving them.

it was a "theft of services", D.O.S. employee that was wasting homeowner's tax money.

shame, shame on some of the d o s union members.

also shame on the unions that marched with the O.W.S."socialist tools".

the cost to the nyc taxpayer for police security downtown is $7 MILLION in overtime pay,to the present.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the people at his office know who the "Three Sanitation Workers" are.




Halloran had no regard for this poor guy, his family, and his way of living.

Halloran never mentioned any DOS employees, ask yourself why!

Anonymous said...

if you were a homeowner,with future weekly d.o.s. garbage p/u ? some of the goons would soon visit your family. would you name who the union d.o.s. whistle blowers were ? "theft of service" by public union members should be punished.

Queens Crapper said...

Okay, I am going to have to step in here. Dan Halloran LIED about what happened during the snowstorm, named people who did not in fact come to him and whistle-blow anything. If you admire him for being ballsy and the DSNY was so wrong, then he should have named the real perps and not someone who had nothing to do with it. He LIED, so stop making up shit to defend him. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Crappy,

Why is it that I am the only one willing to say it the way it is? other than you of course.

The poor guy Curto was sandbagged.

Anonymous said...

with respect to Q.C, a d.o.s. plow at half mast drove down my dead end street and backed out of the street.

no snow was disturbed. this is a FACT.

Queens Crapper said...

I don't doubt that it happened. But it doesn't prove an intentional citywide slowdown by DSNY.

Anonymous said...

Q.C.,nor does it take away from the fact that the drunk LIED

Anonymous said...

And the point remains also that it ain't easy to plow a dead end street that probably doesn't have a lot of room to move and (probably) some cars parked there. It would be more scandalous if it was a through street that didn't get plowed.

That business with the "three sanitation workers" is going to follow Halloran around for years.