Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It's about time...

From Fox 5:

The Obama administration has extended its crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants, notifying 500 companies across the nation in recent weeks that the government will inspect their hiring records.

The surge in so-called silent raids is the first to occur in the government's new fiscal year, which began Oct. 1. In the year ended Sept. 30, the US audited 2,496 companies, topping the previous year's tally of 2,196.

The audits of employee records by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, can lead firms to lose large numbers of employees and face lower productivity and steep legal fees.

The audits can result in civil and criminal penalties. Companies can be fined, barred from competing for government contracts and be hit with criminal charges of knowingly employing illegal workers and evading taxes.

An ICE spokeswoman confirmed that employers across the US had been asked to turn over their I-9 employment eligibility forms and other documents to the agency.

ICE did not name the businesses being investigated.


georgetheatheist said...

How about investigating the cities' policies of non-cooperation with ICE? If I, a citizen, ever get admitted to a hospital, I'd like a bed in a room not in the hallway.

Anonymous said...

the word "CAN" is used in the article. should not this word be ,"WILL,ABOLUTELY,MUST ?

if this is actually executed,the bars and restaurants in NYC are toast and will have to hire citizens finally.

Anonymous said...

At current pace, the Obama adm will have deported more 'illegals' that both Bush terms.

But as usual, truth won't be told on any of the usual (conservative) suspects.


Anonymous said...

This may have an impact on the large companies - the guys operating across the street have been raided several times, with illegals taken away in handcuffs. The company just keeps right on going, no harm to them, and there are plenty more illegals where those came from. BTW, this is a plumbing company, se we're talking union jobs. And while the owners are saving big$s on payroll, those savings are most assuredly NOT being passed on to their clients...

Anonymous said...

What will it do to the Flushing population if we deport all the "undocumented aliens?"

Cherokeesista said...

All of a sudden ?? This is the same man that said children of Illegals deserve the same education as American children ??? Sure they do ;-) In their homelands not here ;-) And the same man that went after Gov. Brewer ?

Anonymous said...

But I thought they were just here to do the jobs Americans won't do.

Anonymous said...

Hey not to worry, as this is a sanctuary city, the ones here won't be touched.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just what I want-- to be served in some restaurant by some hood rat with attitude. Can't wait. I'm sure this policy will result in the entire contents of NYC housing projects going out and getting those jobs no longer available to illegals. Guess we'll see the welfare roles (and our taxes) drop by 80% then, right?

Joe said...

Its all "bullshit show" from the Obama administration to get re-elected. This jackass still puts border patrol agents in handcuffs and wont send the army to actually establish control.
The Mexican gangs, Coyotes and corrupt Mexican army protecting them all still crosses into Texas armed & shooting at our citizens every day.

Hey Anon aO'
There is no such thing as "undocumented alien" or "undocumented immigrant"
These people are "criminals" and champion leg spreading jackpot breeders who broke the law to cross our borders, broke dozens of other laws including trespassing and stealing services in this country !!
And thats the simple truth GET IT RIGHT !


Anonymous said...

Do you think that all the illegal businesses that are being run out of the one-family homes in Bayside hire illegal aliens? More than likely.

They install high fences all around these homes so you cannot see beyond them. Sometimes there is what appears to be a lookout. Delivery trucks come and go. People come and go at all hours.

They don't pay taxes on any of the profits.

Also, their elderly come here and somehow collect Social Security.
What is wrong with this country?


That's how they buy houses cash.

The rest of us can't buy houses.

Cherokeesista said...

@Joe said... The whole truth and nothing but the truth !!!!!

Anonymous said...

"their elderly come here and somehow collect Social Security"

Pretty much the same way houses in Bayside get away with with 40 people named "Lee" living in them.
Its due to the Surnames being all the same and too many to verify.
When some elderly citizen collecting SS dies the family's somehow swap or sell the "paperwork" an death certificates (if any)
You have so many Asian elderly people with names like "Lee, Wong, Liu, Huang with no fingerprints, FBI or police photos on file the identity fraud is untraceable. The churches even conspire with it.
The government doesn't check, its easy free money.

Not to single out the Chinese here. The Koreans are huge on this fraud themselves.

The time has come to require a DNA to receive Social Security so all these "get overs" cant steal it

Anonymous said...

the population of the Flushing S.S.I. office is majority ASIAN employees.

my friend ,three weeks after challenging cm John Liu at a public meeting years ago,was notified by S.S.I that her monthly benefit would be reduced. they claimed that they had made a calculation error back in the 70's.

she wisely had saved her tax copies and W-2 data and proved S.S.I.wrong. without her data ,she would have been penalized. what a coincidence ?

Anonymous said...

It don't matter.

Obama's move is too little and too late to save his political butt.

He's a one term prez.

Bye, bye....come the next election!

And I'm still waiting for that all of that "CHANGE" he promised us....LOL!

My pocket's full of pennies but no real "change" in sight!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

ONLY 500, and why the f*ck is he giving the companies advanced warning??? Has the dept of immigration ever given advance warning to dish washers in restaurants?

Send the ARMY to the border? Joe, you need to stop listening to Rush, you are delusional. With the US economy in shambles less and less people are trying to get into the US from south of the border.

If anything, maybe Canada has to put troops on its border to keep Americans from trying to get reasonably priced health care up there.

Anonymous said...

I am a business owner in Manhattan. I do not hire any illegal immigrants however checking their status as illegal immigrants and enforcing/policing this nations immigration policy is not my fucking job and I pay a fuck load of taxes to make sure I have a safe environment to do business. I am not a border patrol guard, nor I am not a police officer; I am not paid as such and their job isn't in my description.

How dare you punish business owners for failing to do your job at preventing these people from coming here in the first place.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, it IS your fucking job.

It's called an I-9 form, asshole.

What business do you run? I'd like to have the boys pay you a visit.

Anonymous said...

You are missing the point, they shouldn't be here in the first place. Trust me I know all about I-9 and I'm sick and tired of this bureaucratic bullshit that gets nothing done. They should either figure out a way to make them go back to the place that they came from or come up with some kind of immigration policy that actually works and stop forcing me to waste my time on more forms when I could be devoting time to my family and business.

Anonymous said...

It's about time and a good move - better late than never. Businesses and individuals must abide by the law. If illegals are hired easily in the US, more will arrive to these shores. Some of the jobs are distasteful,yes but business needs to raise pay scales to fill them - no issue or move to Mexico!

Employer and employee must pay penalties if they are caught working!