Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Miss Heather returns to Purves Street

This is a nasty accident, mugging and/or homeless encampment waiting to happen.

Views from Purves Street

I'm including this one (from across the street) because I think its funny.



Anonymous said...

This is crzy - the lot looks gross. It is clearly unsafe on Thompson and it is open for people to create trouble. Didn't LaMandri say safety over profit not so long alway. Obviously, he is not looking closely at what the DOb is not doing - which is not keeping NYers safe.

- The Concerned Long Island City Native

Anonymous said...

Homeless gotta go somewhere. after driven out of their homes. where do you expect them to go?

what if it were you? or Crapper?

put yourself in their shoes. please

Queens Crapper said...

I never was swayed by the "what if it were you" scenario. Why? Well...

I am not mental.
I am not an alcoholic.
I have not alienated my family, who live nearby.

I will always have a place to go.

Maybe the homeless should seek help instead of pushing it away all the time. There are plenty of organizations that offer it. And a lot of them are using my tax money to do it.

Hack said...

yeah, i agree. they should totally not be mentally ill. why don't they just hurry up and do that. they should just cure their brains and utilize services i don't support. also, they should grow wings and fly away. birds grow wings so why can't homeless people. i'm insightful.

Queens Crapper said...

Cute. Maybe if Governor Cuomo hadn't closed all the state mental hospitals and the NYCLU hadn't fought to allow vagrants to remin vagrants, and Judge Garaufis hadn't declared group homes to be unconstitutional, we wouldn't be having this problem.

Miss Heather said...

Anonymous #2 wrote: Homeless gotta go somewhere. after driven out of their homes. where do you expect them to go?

what if it were you? or Crapper?

put yourself in their shoes. please

The rise of homelessness is something I have observed in Greenpoint, Long Island City and beyond for some time. I suspect Crappy will agree with me when I write that shutting down homeless intake centers in Manhattan and relocating them to the outer boroughs (READ: GREENPOINT HOSPITAL and Crown Heights/Bed-Stuy) is NOT the answer. This is merely passing the buck.

These individuals, many of whom are mentally ill, have substance abuse problems--- or both of the previous--- deserve our compassion, not condemnation. I write this as someone who has seen the homeless/unhoused/unemployed population grow in Greenpoint over the last two years. The Greenpoint Soup Kitchen/Food Pantry is struggling to keep up with demand.

It should also be noted that more and more families and senior citizens are patronizing the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen because they can no longer make ends meet due to unemployment, draconian rent and the reduced power of Social Security against inflation. Or all the above.

Now toss in that the CACC (Center for Animal Care and Control)is taking food donations because Mayor Mike's budget cuts have denied them adequate funding for animals who will most certainly be "put down" to have a last supper. You get the idea.

I have long been of the belief that the worth of a government (and the society who elects said officials) is revealed by how we, as a society, treat those who cannot speak for themselves.This city has failed.

Big time.

Anonymous said...

That is what happens when you have City Planning's Penny Lee that (while on the taxpayers tab) works for developers rather than the community, whose needs are secondary.

Now the developers may drop the ball (surprise surprise low lifes might do stupid things like that) but they are secure in that the people's representatives Baloney Maloney, Bricklayer Onorato, the community board from hell will turn a blind eye and ignore the community.

Oh dont get me wrong - they can always call the George N Jerry Show if they need a local voice.

Does Cathy Nolan employ George's wife. Maybe someone can ask her on her opinion of this.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see the homeless in our city take over EVERY SQUARE INCH of EVERY LOT LIKE THIS IN L.I.C. (and there are many!) and set up tent cities right under the noses of the transplanted SCUM and their Range Rovers with out of town plates that pushed them out of their neighborhoods.