Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Con Ed rates to go up again

From the Daily News:

Con Edison customers are getting zapped again with higher electric bills - hiking rates 12.6% over three years.

The new increase takes effect next month, pushing the average residential customer's $83.60 monthly bill up to $87.23 in the first year, $90.71 in the second and $94.11 in the third.

Utility officials, state regulators and independent watchdogs agreed Thursday to the compromise package, which is 40% lower than Con Ed requested last year.

Not all of the rate hike is the utility's fault: The company said 23% of it will pay for higher property taxes, 7% for other taxes, and 17% for pension costs.


Anonymous said...

who cares about their pensions? we don't have jobs.

imagine what cap and tax will do.

Anonymous said...

Every new home should be required to have at least a 120 sq ft solar panel(s).

Anonymous said...

Do rates ever go down?

kingb said...

f*cking pensions again...

why is that always "off limits" to touch?

it will ruin this city

Anonymous said...

rates have to go up to keep up the infrastructure with all the overdevelopment. You can all thank your local congress people for this

Anonymous said...

"rates have to go up to keep up the infrastructure with all the overdevelopment."

- rates and our property taxes as well, in order to pay for all of the sweetheart tax abatements for luxury condos in LIC & Williamsburg and the 12 story empty behemoths causing massive flooding in Dutch Kills and Astoria.

Anonymous said...


Sure, give people $100 then increase the rates to pay for it.

Sure, plant trees then increase the rates to pay for it.

Thanks to Mike Gianaris and Peter Vallone. You don't know shit about running your community and even less about running a utility.

You are both lucky that the press is in your pocket and lets you get away with anything, but you know that everyday you lose the community inch by inch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, you've all convinced me to get solar panels!