Saturday, March 27, 2010

Carrozza hanging it up

From the Queens Courier:

State Assemblywoman Ann-Margaret Carrozza (D-Bayside) said Friday that she would not run for re-election this fall and three northeast Queens Democrats have already been named by a source within the party as potential opponents for her seat.

Carrozza, who was first elected to the Assembly in 1996, announced in a statement that she would not make another bid to hold on to her seat in November.

The assemblywoman would have faced off against Republican attorney Vince Tabone, who has already been endorsed by the Queens County GOP.

A source within the Queens County Democratic Party said that three names that have been floated to run against Tabone are Michael Sais, who is chief of staff for state Assemblyman Michael Gianaris (D-Astoria); New York state Young Democrats President Matthew Silverstein; and Steve Behar, a Bayside attorney who ran for City Council but lost to Kevin Kim in the Democratic primary for District 19.


Anonymous said...

Than the Lord...we'll finally see the back of that twitty bleached blond doofus of mediocrity as she exits the back door.

The feds are on her heels so she's taking her leave before things blow up.

That much even a piss poor lawyer like herself understands well.

Maybe Kevin (Dukun) Kim will run for her seat.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No, Kevin Kim will not run, Tabone. You will be losing. Its a Democratic seat. And 15,000 households getting your record, aint nothing like blog games.

Anonymous said...

Buh Bye!

And Good Riddance.

Ken said...

Leave Barbie alone she's one of your better Democrats that doesn't do anything.
What you will get will be another John Liu or worse !
Kiss Bayside's ass goodbye for sure.

Bayside Boy said...

Very exciting news.

Remind me again who Michael Sais is though? Never heard of him outside the Country clubhouse. Not sure he actually exists in the community.

Behar would be great if he could raise the money to run.

Anonymous said...

Behar? Really. Ha! He did great in the council election. What did he finish 5th.

Ms. Tsouris said...

Ms. Carrozza the hood ornament will exit stage left.

Anonymous said...

So often in the Dem. party, a candidate's path to power is either:

1.intern->community liaison->legislative aide->chief of staff->candidate

2.parent is a lawmaker->said parent retires->child is nominated.

3.deep pockets->candidate runs independently.

So unless you're one of the three categories above, don't bother running. Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) is the exception to the rule.

ConcernedQNZ said...

Behar would be good in my opinion.

Michael Sais... not fond of him. Stuck up D-Bag are the only words I can find to describe him.. just because your involved in local civic work and work for a politician doesn't mean your hot shit.

And I have no clue who Matthew Silverstein is.

Bayside Boy said...

KK Anon#3 Pick on the guy who did better than expected agaisnt three very well funded campaigns.

AS I recall he came in 4th, behind the winner Kim, the party backed favorite Iannecce, and the well funded Vallone.

But still that's fine. At least he has had a presence in the community unlike those other two nobodies.

Anonymous said...

Picture Caption:

"So Pinky went up to me and made this gesture and I said you will be disappointed."

Snake Plissskin said...

Hey, she is making her money on the senior client base so the job has done its magic. Was a great chance to meet them with all those photo ops.

The 'public service' aspect was a big waste of time anyway. Albany? Why don't they move the capital to Rochester?

Time to move on and give another schlub a shot at honest graft.

Anonymous said...

Matthew Silverstein would make a great candidate. He is currently the President of the New York State Young Democrats and long time resident of Bayside Queens. Matthew is heavily involved with the Bay Terrace Community Alliance

Anonymous said...

Matthew Silverstein was at the last BTCA meeting? Didn't see him there, but Vince Tabone gave out a letter about the Van Wyck ramps and spoke out against eminent domain that night. Is Silverstein for or against property rights?

Steve Behar said...

I am waiting for all of the "Anonymous" posters to start yelling about the lack of "transparency" in government!

Anonymous said...

given ann c's issues, i would like to see someone who actually owns property in the district get elected, not some hack living in a rented studio apartment or with her mother.