Thursday, March 25, 2010

Granny shoots granny in Rego Park elevator

From Fox 5:

An elderly woman is accused of shooting a neighbor in a Queens elevator.

73-year-old Iraida Palmieri has a bullet wound on her forehead.

Police arrested 81-year-old Maria Cartagena on charges related to the shooting.

Both live in a Rego Park apartment building.

Palmer is the wife of latin jazz great Eddie Palmieri. He is a five time Grammy winner.

He says Cartagena had knocked her down and threatened her in the past.

According to her family, Mrs. Palmeri was in the elevator bringing down recyclables when the door opened at the 4th floor. Cartagena was standing there. The family says Cartagena said "move out of the way" and then shot her.

The bullet ended up in the back wall of the elevator.

The alleged shooter, who lives directly bellow the Palmeris, had complained of noise from the their apartment.

Cartagena was in the Queens house of detention awaiting arraignment on attempted murder on Wednesday evening. The gun, a .38 revolver, belongs to her husband and is legally registered.

Here are more details from the Daily News.


LuchAAA said...

I don't know. Crap like this didn't happen in Rego Park when most of the last names were Cohen, Rosen, and Finkelstein.

Pretty soon, all of Rego Park will be like the Rego Apartments on Woodhaven.

Where will decent people like me, go to find a nice quiet apartment, without inconsiderate noisy neighbors?

Anonymous said...

Nice to know the gun was legally registered.

Anonymous said...

granny on granny violence is never pretty

Anonymous said...

Gun was registered for target practive only

cherokeesista said...

Maybe granny watched to much Aunt Madea:)

georgetheatheist said...

Timbales, maracas, congas, and bongos. If I lived near Palmieri, I'd jump out the window.

Anonymous said...

100-26 67th Road is actually in Forest Hills, not Rego Park.