Sunday, March 28, 2010

Second Avenue subway causing major headaches

From Metro:

Work on the Second Avenue subway is not only years behind schedule, but now it’s forcing Upper East Side residents out of their homes.

Tenants in 28 apartments along a stretch of Second Avenue in the East 90s got letters from the MTA yesterday, telling them they’ll have to temporarily leave for at least a month or two.

The tenants’ apartments in century-old buildings are showing cracks from the violent shaking caused by deep digging. After studying the problem, the MTA says it has to reinforce the “fragile” buildings and needs tenants out of the way.

The MTA will spend $8 million to put residents in furnished hotel rooms, pay their rent and shore up the buildings.


Anonymous said...

Those residents will never get their homes back. It's probably a ploy by the MTA and the city to displace the residents for good. I'm sure the city considers them a hindrance to "progress."

Anonymous said...

Hotels? Why not just get them apartments? Cheaper and more comfortable. How do the people cook? Oh, I see, they have to eat out.

The 2nd Ave. Subway is a pain - should have been done years ago and why now? - why, when the economy sucks and the MTA is cutting lines and service and raising rates?

Just scrap the whole thing.