Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another failed Bloomberg promise

City's homeless count rises 33%

A count of New York City’s homeless finds that more people are spending the night on the streets than last year.

The city’s annual count was released Friday. It’s the first time the number has gone up in the five years since counting started.

The Jan. 25 count found 3,111 homeless people on streets, subways and other public spaces. That’s 783 more than 2009.

The figure does not include the number of homeless people staying in city shelters. That was about 37,000 at last count on Tuesday.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg wanted to reduce city homelessness by two-thirds by 2009. But the number of people in shelters reached an all-time high last year of more than 39,000, some 3,000 more than when he took office.

From the NY Times:

Last year, city officials said that the count revealed a 30 percent drop in the street homeless population since 2008, an announcement that was made at an elaborate news conference attended by volunteers, formerly homeless people and Linda I. Gibbs, the deputy mayor for health and human services, who spoke briefly.

This year’s event was quiet and spare by comparison. Ms. Gibbs’s commissioner, Mr. Hess, made the announcement in a conference room, seated at a long table.


Anonymous said...

Here's to the greatest city in the world.

Anonymous said...

Homeless people in the city is not a priority for the mayor. I thought everyone knew that.

There are more stadiums to build and a few remaining parcels of land to develop.

The city's homeless will be swept under a rug of new development. Maybe if NYC wasn't prohibitively expensive to live in, we would not have so many people in the streets.

Anonymous said...

A 3 billion dollar surplus and there is no money to deal with this.

The money is being saved so it can be doled out to the mayors' friends Ratner and Related at a later date.

To Hell with the little people.

Queens College Student said...

Bloomberg doesn't care about the middle class or the working class, let alone the homeless.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg doesn't give a shit about the homeless. Many of them are homeless because they couldn't afford their raising rents, real estate taxes, ultility rates, etc. Lots of people have lost their homes because of the Recession, yet our Mayor continues to raise the price of everything here. I guess this is what happens when you declare your city a Sanctuary City and only care for your wealthy friends. Slavery is alive and well here. This man is a disgrace. Hope all of you who voted for him are happy now.

steve said...

I seriously doubt any of us voted for him, anon.....

Anonymous said...

Every night I see cops taking homeless people out of subway stations, especially Jamaica Center, 179 Street, Roosevelt Avenue and Queens Plaza. Often, I see them escorted by police and MTA Homeless Services personnel into vans. The homeless people I see are obviously not physically or mentally capable of taking care of themselves. Why then, do I see the same homeless people wandering around the same stations the very next night?

Adolf Bloomhitler said...

Herez a promize I vill keep. I am keeping zis job for a fourth term! Der developerz need me!

Anonymous said...

They wander around because the shelters and the "system" and what they make homeless people go through is worse than the street. Even if you are homeless and were just recently a working person, you are forced to go on welfare, even with a college degree, you are forced to learn how to NOT speak ghetto. You are treated like a criminal.

Auntie Invasion said...

Homelessness starts in the NYC Housing Court. go to Sutphin Blvd and observe. to quote a sleazy judge, "tenants are on their own in housing court"

the same people wander around because the places they are taken to are dangerous, filthy, bed bug ridden, scabie ridden and full of the malicious mentally ill which are the employees at these so called shelters. The NYC homeless shelter guards have nothing on the Kapos in the concentration camps. Ignorant and cruel, racist and dumb.

say what you want about Hilter but at least he put the people he was murdering somewhere. Bloomberg forces them to wander around the subways and streets. until they drop of exposure or lose their minds completely.

Auntie Invasion said...

wonder how many of the NYC homeless are the following:

US military combat veterans, those who are non diagnosed developmentally disabled and/or retarded, those with non diagnosed Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), US Citizens scammed out of government benefits and native born NY'er's.

why is there subsidized housing and Section 8 vouchers available for illegal immigrants?
To me, it's criminal that US citizens are homeless when illegal immigrants sleep in a safe bed every night.

Anonymous said...

American citizens who are homeless should have a priority over illegals. But common sense does not make any sense in this city anymore.

Anonymous said...

Do you know that at one shelter they forced the homeless to give over most of their minimum wage job wages, unemployment, SSI checks for "money management?" If you didn't do it, they kicked you out. Trinity Church earned interest on that money.

Auntie Invasion: you are correct. The "guards" at the shelters are stupid, racist pigs.

I wrote a book about the NYC homeless shelter.