Monday, March 29, 2010

Who should pay for special elections?

From the NY Times:

Arguably, $350,000 is a small price to pay for democracy. But we keep hearing from politicians how every dollar counts in hard times. So there is a question about who should pay the bill when a special election is required not because of death or illness or some other unforeseeable calamity but, rather, because of an officeholder’s gross misdeeds.

Or because of raw ambition — as when a representative gives up her House seat to become a United States senator after the old senator quits to become secretary of state.

With so many New York officials forced out in recent years because of bad behavior, we have had a bunch of special elections. Why not make the politicians who are responsible bear the freight? They all have campaign funds.

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Anonymous said...

Do you really want to delay the resignation of a bad politician because he doesn't want to pay for his special election?

Let's not give Rangel or Espada another reason not to resign.

Anonymous said...

Why should the govt pay to conduct democratic and republican primaries? If primaries are not open(i.e. anyone can run/anyone can vote) then they are the functions of an individual organization and as such govt should be subsidizing the democrats and republicans by paying for their primaries. Parties should pay for their own elections.

Anonymous said...

*should not be subsidizing the dems and repubs... sorry

Anonymous said...

"Parties should pay for their own elections."

Well, that's a nice thought, but what about the third parties that have no money? The issue is not elections that have been duly scheduled and are included in a budget, it's the special elections brought on by resignations and impreachments, in other words, by the elected incumbents' bad behavior. One soultuion? Make the elected officals post a bond to cover the cost of his or her (mis)(mal)feasance.

ceiling on my head lady said...

Oh please let them call me to work the polls for this election. Mr. Monserrate colluded with my landlord to try to have police arrest me as a crazy lady.

I want to shake his hand and give him a big kiss when he shows his face at the polls and I'll assure him he can count on me. (Of course, crazy lady's have trouble helping Monserrate Voters).