Monday, March 29, 2010

Council closes overdevelopment loophole

From the Daily News:

The East Bronx won another battle yesterday in its war against overdevelopment.

The City Council approved a zoning change to close loopholes that allowed developers of mid-rise buildings to waive parking requirements, a trick many neighbors despised.

"We don't need more housing," said resident Andrew Chirico. "We need more parking."

When the city downzoned much of the area in 2004, it prohibited developers from building rowhouses where one- and two-family houses are the norm.

But the downzone, which also included suburban-style parking regulations, skipped some blocks in Pelham Bay and Zerega, where taller buildings are permitted.

On those blocks, some developers subdivided lots to escape the parking regulations. Developers who crammed apartment houses onto tiny lots were also allowed to slash parking spots.

The change, sponsored by local City Councilman James Vacca, holds developers to local parking regulations - no matter what.

"It puts more teeth into our downzone efforts," Vacca said.

Chirico applauded the change because he considers overdevelopment the cause of most problems in the East Bronx, from empty storefronts to crowded classrooms.


Anonymous said...

too many cars in the bronx already. so fat fucks are so lazy.

Anonymous said...

too many cars in the bronx already. so fat fucks are so lazy.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad something was done about the overdevelopment problem. Queens is not the only boro where crap is built.

Developers seem eager to build on whatever plot of land is available, regardless of the location. Hideous two family homes and ugly apartment buildings are popping all over the place.

I prefer to see a grassy lot than an eyesore of a house. I don't know what kind of drugs developers are on these days.

With the loophole closed, I hope the developers will get the message and Fuck off!