Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meditation garden proposed for former parking lot

From the Times Ledger:

A section of land in Flushing’s Kissena Corridor Park used in recent years as a makeshift parking lot for New York Hospital Queens is reverting to parkland and civic and conservation groups in the area are working to bring a meditation garden to the space.

The meditation garden, which would use half an acre in the 3- to 4-acre space, was given the go-ahead last week by Community Board 7’s Parks Committee, which voted unanimously to support its creation.

Consisting of a paved space with benches and surrounded by evergreen hedges and cedars, the wheelchair-accessible public garden would be a quiet, solitary place for hospital patients and nearby residents to reflect, meditate or just spend some time alone. The space is located near the intersection of Main Street and 56th Avenue.

The hospital obtained permission from the city Parks Department to use the area as a parking lot for three years and according to an agreement between the two parties will now restore the soil there and put in some plants.

Now that the community board committee has approved the project, the garden’s key boosters — the conservancy, the Queensboro Hill Civic Association and the Holly Civic Association — are looking for ways to raise the $300,000 or $400,000 needed to fund its construction.

The people involved in advocating for the garden will be soliciting money from private citizens, companies, the hospital and elected officials in coming months.

Sounds like a capital project, not something that should be a fundraiser. This "no park unless you come up with the money" classism business must end.


Flowers said...

Beautiful.... the pictures and words were a joy to see and read... :O)

Anonymous said...

I thought that's what the park they made at the corner of main st. and 56th ave. was for. Why do we need more paved park land and shrubs. They should put it back to the way it was before the parking lot. I walk my dog every morning through this park and have spoken to a bunch of people while doing so and not one said they wished they had a meditation garden. I also don't see how this is going to be a quiet relaxing place with all of the traffic that is on main street. I used to like taking walks through this park but they have butchered it with the promise of improving it. I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn Bitterman's meditation garden..... 10+ years in the making. It was a stupid idea in 1999 and it still is!

How many NYHQ patients will leave the building to "meditate" across the street?

Why should the community have to raise the money to build this? NYHQ should foot the bill after they used the the park for parking. Wasn't that part of the "deal"? Ask MB. Hey has she found a job for her hubby?

Sergey Kadinsky said...

I wrote about this garden proposal last summer for the Queens Tribune.

Looks like there was nearly zero progress on the proposal since then.

Anonymous said...

Marilyn had better find a job for her hubby Jack.

The way he eats his way around the all those freebies that she drags him to. You'd think he's starving.

Guess it's hard to live off of $85,000 a year as a CB district manager.

Maybe Wellington can forward her some "benevolence" for doing such a great job kissing his ass all these years.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all meditate on the necessity of having community boards...AND BOROUGH PRESIDENTS.

I can by a rubber stamp at Staples and approve my own development projects!

cherokeesista said...

You can meditate anywhere:) You don't need to waste millions of dollars to do it, come on just some more BULLSHIT, A WASTE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS!!!!!!