Monday, March 22, 2010

Koo + Lee + Gallagher = bad news for Flushing


Peter Koo held a meeting about the Flushing Commmons project this afternoon. Who should walk in the door and take over the meeting at the end but Pinky - that's right - DENNIS GALLAGHER! He not only ran Peter Koo's campaign but he's apparently working behind the scenes right now.

Another fire in the iron is the fact that Michael Lee (the real developer and head of TDC) is best friends with Peter. So Dennis + Michael = Oh Fuck!!!

Apparently, Terrence Park and his group were taken care of this weekend, so TDC is going to do a presentation at 5pm. This way, Koo has cover and can say that he has community support for the project.

The Korean merchants on Union Street are apoplectic.

Tonight is going to be very, very interesting...

Will send update after meeting.

5:30pm Breaking News: Just got word that the Korean Press "got Terrence's number" and refused to go to his press conference, so he cancelled...he's supposedly going to do it tomorrow, but we'll see.


Anonymous said...

What does that mean...
Terrance Park and his group were "taken care" of this weekend?

Tonight should be very interesting..

Joe said...

Looks like Denny boys made some Asian mob friends.
Aside loosing his hair and growng a beer belly this devious 2 legged piece of shit hasnt changed a bit since the days of CK high-school.
How he's managed to escape prison over some DWI, underhanded, illegal, racketeering, (use your imagination) episode I have no idea.
I bet he still smokes the funny cigarettes and scratches mold. --Why he's even more crazy after dark


Anonymous said...

C.M. Koo...did you know that "Pinky" Gallagher admitted to "forcibly touching" a 55 year old grandma in his district office when he was a councilman?

What's he gonna turn your office

With all of those conveniently located massage parlors in're playing with fire having a pervert running your show.

Good thing you've got your "Starside" drug store business to fall back on.

Maybe you'd want to pop a couple of aspirin!

Bye, Bye 20th Council District Republican seat!

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do Councilman Koo...keep Gallagher away from his Viagra!

Anonymous said...

Bye bye 19th CD, too... Gallagher's handmaiden, Lynda Metzger, works for Dan Halloran!

Anonymous said...

So basically Peter Koo is the same shit as all of the rest. Good job Ragusa, Good job Tabone.

Rumour has it Gallagher is partnering up with Jay Golub and Robert Hornak to strong-arm candidates in Queens for their consulting services.

All pieces of shit. Queens can do better.

Anonymous said...

Why won't he just go away? Hasn't he been shamed enough? Guess not. See what happens when you are bad and don't get punished? He should be in jail. New York politics sucks. If this is the best the republican party can do, the party is doomed. They are a joke and a laughing stock.

I. M. Curious said...

So basically Peter Koo is the same shit as all of the rest.

I'm just trying to figure out if Koo is left-handed, right-handed, or just plain underhanded!!!

Joe said...

What Republican party ?
They are all just posers with lots of bag $$ working for the contractors & developers.

When the people thrown them out they simply retire with millions in cash.
Queens and now Nassau county has shit just like everybody had for the presidential election.

cherokeesista said...

CALL THE FUCKING FEDS!!!! Oh I forgot their probably on the take to:(

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they're supporting this bullshit!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just trying to figure out if Koo is left-handed, right-handed, or just plain underhanded!!!

How true!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it a part of his plea bargain to resign from the City Council? Or just as a Council Member?

I think Dennis has found another hole, loop or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

How can the City Council allow a convicted felon to be employed?

They are all criminals in our city government. They just haven't been convicted yet. Gallagher is in his element. Maybe he's into Asian grandmothers now. Peter Koo better watch out. The people elected him in good faith. I'd disassociate myself from Gallagher if I were him.

Queens Crapper said...

Gallagher pleaded guilty to 2 misdemeanors, not felonies, as part of a plea deal that kept him out of prison and from having to register as a sex offender. Resignation of his council seat and alcohol counseling were also part of the deal.

Anonymous said...

what about that corrupt hack Frank Padavan ? he is the one who put Peter Koo in there. He has cretaed overdevelopment as a major issue in Eastern Queens. It was under Colonel Padavans reighn that our beutiful neighborhood was destroyed. cant wait till November to throw that old bat out on his ass.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait till Avella kicks Frank Padavans ass. He is bringing Peter Koo and Michael Lee and all the overdevelopers to our neighborhood. GO TONY !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...get rid of that Padavan clan (maybe including Halloran).

What business did Dan have speaking out of his district about the Flushing Commons project other than about parking and traffic concerns and how it would impact his district?

He wound up APPROVING the muni lot #1 giveaway!

Shame on you chief atheling of your little Theod club!

Keep a careful eye on erratic Dan to see what he might be willing to sell out in his district so that the Republicans can keep their seats.

Time to retire Frank.
Isn't 30+ years enough?