Monday, April 27, 2009

We're just gluttons for punishment

From the Daily News:

Bloomberg proposed raising the city's 8.375% sales tax by another quarter-point back in January, raising $900 million a year. No one squawked much.

Now, insiders say, the Council may be tempted to do a half-point increase instead - bringing New York's sales tax up to almost 9%.

It's an ugly number in an election year - especially when the subway fare is also going up, Albany is dithering over a payroll tax and extra cab surcharges to finance the MTA, and water bills are shooting up another 14% in July.

But the same mayor and Council members who voted to extend term limits may not fear any backlash from a 9% sales tax, either. For all the dismal economic news out there, it's tough to detect any sentiment in New York for throwing the bums out.

"It's a God-given right of New Yorkers to gripe about weather, taxes and traffic," said political consultant William Cunningham. "I don't see the pitchfork rebellion taking place."


Anonymous said...

If someone can cite me a single study that shows that taxing people for going to work and taxing people for buying necessities will help the economy, I will lick their boots. And then I will ask that they use those boots to kick me in the skull so I dont have to deal with this stupidity.

Anonymous said...

If the raising of taxes, etc. makes Mayor Bum-turd highly unpopular and causes him to lose his bid for a third term...then I say it's well worth it!


Anonymous said...

Keep on raising taxes Mike and the voters will poll tax you...OUT ON YOUR ASS!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

I need to move to Queens. I continue my youtube series on no third term for Mike Bloomberg.
Bloomberg Ad campaign Orwellian

Do you think if he shows those adds a billion times before November he thinks he can brain wash us with his propaganda.

Tony Avella for mayor!

georgetheatheist said...

Ms Troy, if you move to Queens may I serenade you under your balcony?

Anonymous said...

Sales taxes are highly-regressive taxes that hit primarily at the poorest people. This is another example of America trying to raise all its money from paupers and then becoming angry at them for being broke.