Friday, April 24, 2009

Lawsuit filed over toxic school

From the Queens Courier:

Imagine having to make the heart-wrenching choice between your child’s health and his education.

For the parents of students enrolled at P.S. 256’s special needs annex in Belle Harbor, which serves children with emotional challenges and autism, this is a daily decision.

They – along with teachers and paraprofessionals – claim that for the last decade the school has been at the location, everyone has been exposed to mold, lead paint and asbestos.

“It’s reprehensible,” said attorney Ralph DeSimone, founder and senior partner of DeSimone, Aviles, Shorter & Oxamendi, LLP., who has filed a notice of claim against the Department of Education (DOE). “If you are going to victimize people, you picked the right group.”

The to accomplish the following:

•An inspection of the school by an independent third party.
•Medical exams of all teachers, staff and students.
•Immediate repairs to the school’s infrastructure.
•Immediate removal of the cell phone towers on school premises.
•Immediate removal of mold, asbestos and lead paint.
•Accommodations for staff and students to continue classes.
•Medical care for staff/students with injuries sustained from exposure from the school.
•Notifications to all students and staff past and present of inspection findings.

And hey, one in the Bronx failed a fire safety test. But that's ok, I'm sure the SCA will get their act together by the time the Maspeth school is built...


Anonymous said...

The mayor wants to poison innocent immigrant kids.

Anonymous said...

city doesn't care they don't send their children there. wake up everyone and see the assses for what they are.

Taxpayer said...

The Commissar at his quintessential most loathsome.

He put the toxic artificial turf in every park.

He's building schools on sites that are known to be dangerously toxic. And mandating that the kids attend or he sends the Administration for Children's Services to take the kids away from the home. The Commissar's ACS has killed nearly two dozen helpless kids in its "care".

He leaves tiny tots on school busses all over the city.

He commands that his subordinates "Kill it" when he learns they are pregnant.

This sociopathic Commissar uses his power to physically harm any innocent child within his grasp.

Then he cynically claims that what we need to do is eliminate salt, trans-fats, and salami hanging in a deli window to be safe. He commands that every combination of calorie count be posted on every menu in the city because he wants to reduce child obesity.

He wants to remove McDonald's anywhere near a school.

We all know that salt and trans-fats are far more dangerous than the toxins that he mandates be exposed to youngsters.

What useful contribution has this sociopathic Commissar made to this city in his lifetime?

This Commissar is a seriously dangerous man who takes lives, property, health from those he loathes. And, he loathes us all.

Use November 3 to rid ourselves of this madman.

Linda said...

Maspeth site for a HS is full of toxic crap, Liz Crowley and SCA won't release the report, does it surprise anyone. No one cares from the city because their children won't be going there. I would of thought with the phone towers across the street would of brought up some red flags, but no they continued to do what ever the fxxk they wanted and didn't give a shit, so toxic schools just another so what from the city and bloomass.

Snake Plissskin said...

The Democratic Machine, which controls NY, demonstrates its true colors.

They may talk a 'tweed' line, but when it comes to their crimes its a 'whitewash'.

Hey, considering where 'those people' come from, they should be happy there is even a school, right?

Besides, who needs a school to watch your kids, wash your dishes, or cut your grass.

Anonymous said...

here we go again, city doesn't give a crap nor does Liz Crowley and community five.

thanks so much maspeth hs site toxic!