Thursday, April 30, 2009

SJU student has swine flu

From the Queens Courier:

A St. John’s University student tested positive for the swine flu that has dominated headlines throughout the country and world for the past week, according to school officials.

In a correspondence sent to the University community on Wednesday, April 29, school officials stated that one undergraduate commuter student on the Queens campus contracted the swine flu or H1N1 virus. The student’s name was not revealed.

“The student is fine and recovered,” St. John’s University spokesperson Dominic Scianna said on Thursday morning, April 30.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the student is fine. But maybe SJU deserves some aggravation after that hideous dorm they put up a few blocks away. If you haven't seen, check it out. I think it's on Henley Rd and 172 St?

Charles Wankel said...

The dorm is an injection of vitality to the community.

Charles Wankel
St. John's

Anonymous said...

Let me ask you this Mr. Wankel - do you live next door or even on that street where the dorm was built?

Taxpayer said...

What's becoming clear now is that a student at a school named after a saint is in greater danger of catching this swine flu than someone who rides the subway.

Anonymous said...

Now SJU it's spreading and there is no way to control it without shutting down everything and everyone. It's the flu and this happens let's just pray we don't hear people dropping like flys.

georgetheatheist said...

"Bring out the dead!"

Lino said...

"Taxpayer said...

What's becoming clear now is that a student at a school named after a saint is in greater danger of catching this swine flu than someone who rides the subway."

Good one.

Anonymous said...

So italian girl is happy that this person got swine flu, because it cause SJU "aggravation." How dense is that thinking?

Anne said...

Please check your facts out before you jump to any conclusions and start pointing fingers at things which don't have anything to do with the case. What the hell do the new dorms have anything to do with such a serious subject? And for your information, the student who contracted the flu was in contact with a St. Francis Prep student who had visited Mexico in the past few days.

Citychic said...

You should see the wonderful job being done on 170th Street between Union Tpke and Goethals ave they put in a sidewalk and curb on the St John's side then they have been paving the street since the middle of march. Workers never show up and when they do it seems they work no more than 3 days a week tops some days you see them show up to shuffle the cones, there is 1 lane housing 2 lanes of traffic.Sometimes the cars have to actually pull on the sidewalk so the other car can get by the Contractor originally said the residents on the block would only be inconvienced for 2 weeks it's already over 4 weeks now they are saying work would be done 5.1.09. Unless they are magical there is no way the street will be done. The residents who live on the side of the street that is NOT being paved can't park in front of their homes, their parking spots have become a source of traffic movement. The residential side of the street not to mention personal sidewalks are being broken up from the buses, trucks etc that are now coming down the block. Not to mention the shoddy job they did when they had to take up parts of the street all the way across to move the poles. The situation is extremely dangerous and no one gives a damn.

Citychic said...

Hey Charles
wanna buy a house? I have one to sell have some vitality go through your car windows every now and then. If it's so great come live here bet you live in a nice quiet area where you'd be the first to scream if your R&R time was interrupted.

citychic said...

Hey George, I think of that movie daily since this whole thing started.

Anonymous said...

I don’t feel sorry for these Students and the school that promoted going to Mexico.
What’s with these Catholic organizations supporting every dam thing to support these "south of the border" people ?

Beyond the fancy Hotels Mexico is like stepping into a festering septic tank what did they expect ?

Been listening to Shortwave --some doctors are saying "New Flu was "Gene Spliced" and is not a naturally-occurring virus.

The new flu contains DNA from not one, not two, but FOUR different types of flu. This has never been seen before, anywhere in the world and could only occur
1- If it came from space

2- through gene splicing.

The new, deadly flu seems to kill only those with high amounts of Indian (native north American) and Hispanic ancestry.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta and from the World Health Organization this flu - a combination of five different influenza never before seen by doctors -- appears to have been specifically engineered to target Mestizos.

In fact, only Mestizos have died from this flu so far.

If true, claims that this flu is a bio-weapon may be corroborated solely by the results of the outbreak.

Interesting way to stop illegal immigration!

Anonymous said...

Beyond the fancy Hotels Mexico is like stepping into a festering septic tank what did they expect ?

Really? And where exactly have you been in Mexico? You seem to be such an expert!

Also admirable is your tinfoil hat. Between theories that the virus came from "space" and the genocidal fantasies, I'm quite captivated by your rantings.

Anonymous said...

it came from outer space!!

Anonymous said...

A neighbor of mine presented me with a somewhat colorful, out-of-the-box "conspiracy theory" regarding swine flu yesterday.

I'll pass it on and you can decide for yourselves if it's plausible.

President Obama is currently kicking the pharmaceutical/medical/insurance complex in the ass...and is pushing for health care reform...possibly an eventual national health program for the US.

The drug industry retaliated by releasing this virus (in Mexico on the "brown people") so it could make loads of money
off of it by formulating vaccines and conducting expensive research into future pandemics, etc.

If Obama's going to limit their power...they're out to screw him
and any others who attempt to interfere with their extremely lucrative business!

Well, that's the long and the short of

You never know to what lengths such a powerful cartel might go!

Anonymous said...

This appears to be
a rather "Catholic epidemic" judging from where it's hit.

Anonymous said...

Two things...first, we hope that there are no additional students affected at St. John's. It is a scary thought that the virus might get into the dormitories.

As for Citychic's posting aware that she means two cars going in opposite directions when she speaks about the inconvenience and dangerous situation caused by STJ's contractor, Siteworks, on 170th Street.