Thursday, April 30, 2009

Two-tone crap

Just off Woodhaven Blvd a block south of the LIE sits this two-toned crap. I am not sure why this color pattern was chosen, but it's interesting. Not much progress seems to have been made in the past few weeks, either. The address is 86-18 60th Road. According to the building permit, there will be 3 levels of "community facilities" and 7 apartments above that. What a great addition to the neighborhood!


Anonymous said...

Why dont you ask the head of AIA Queens whose husband is a biggie in Historic Districts Council?

Anonymous said...

i sell brick and that brick they are using is very expensive
glazed belden brick

the building will look way out of place when and if it is ever finished

but who cares that whole little section off woodhaven is gross and smells like curry anyway
so gives a rats ass