Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Queens Crap built in Williamsburg

It's amazing the things you find when you Google "Queens Crap." This isn't even one of mine, but the author knows it when he sees it.

From Waterfront Preservation Alliance:

99 South 4th Street

Not sure what went on here, cause I've never seen the word "suspended" on a permit before.

107 South 4th Street

This one apparently is not new, but an alteration, at least by DOB standards. Frank, how did you get away with these?


Anonymous said...

first one is awful. standard cheap-o crap.

Second one actually had potential, but got lost along the way.

Anonymous said...

The Waterfront Preservation Alliance actually seems ti like the 2nd one, if you read the page you linked to.

I agree with the 1st commenter, that it had potential but I do not like the end result. That garage thingy ruins it

mortimer said...

i walked past 107 s 4 st on saturday afternoon; the gate you see in front of the building secures the parking spot. there was a small car parked Behind the gate on the left hand side when i passed.