Thursday, April 23, 2009

Aqueduct racino bidder sued

From Newsday/AP:

The former partner of a company bidding to bring lucrative video slot machines to the Aqueduct racetrack has filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit that could further delay the project and revenues for New York state.

SL Green Realty Corp. claims that its former ally, Delaware North Companies Gaming and Entertainment, wrongly used confidential information from SL Green in an independent attempt to land the state's thoroughbred racing franchise and the video slots contract for Aqueduct.

At stake are hundreds of millions of dollars a year in revenue for the state, the racing industry, and the company that wins the latest round of bidding to install and operate video slot machines at Aqueduct. The state has sought the deal for years.


Lino said...

"At stake are hundreds of millions of dollars a year in revenue for the state,"


What happened to OTB, wasn't that supposed to end funding shortfalls for the schools?

_All_ these lottery/gaming schemes are a tax on stupid people and line the pockets of the mafia.

Anonymous said...

The racing assciociation is a crock the money is siphon off in all directions except the State tills. Corrupt and polictical bidding selection insure the project will never be profitable.

Anonymous said...

Watchful Horseman


Interesting, but if one really wishes to delve, into this coming, sensitive interlocking eructation,
read Alan Mann's somewhat preliminary tread-board.

Anonymous said...

"racino" is almost as stupid and annoying a term as "webinar"

When the hell did everybody decide they needed to invent these nausiatingly awful terms for everything?