Thursday, April 30, 2009

A couple of questions to ask at the meeting

How can the 'majority of the site' be 'undeveloped' if it contains 3 reservoir basins and 2 pump houses? Why does Parks always write that a caretaker's cottage that was demolished years ago is still there?


Anonymous said...

Because as far as they are concerned, like St Saviours, or Old Astoria, or the Lord House in Elmhurst, and the like, it is not important.

Remember, if its not in Brooklyn Heights, or Manhattan, it doesn't exist (or the people in the community are so backward they will not care or know better if its destroyed.)

Sorry, after decades of community preservation efforts in this city, that is about as far as we got.

Pretty sad, eh?

Taxpayer said...

Can the Commissar explain how, if the Reservoir is a ten-minute walk from someone's home, Highland park is a vastly greater distance?

Can the Commissar explain (will he explain) why the destruction of any part of the reservoir is better than using a fraction of that money to simply improve the multitude of neglected athletic fields throughout Highland Park?

The destruction, in order to construct athletic fields on the grave of the reservoir, is going to cost taxpayers at least $100 million. Repairing the existing, neglected athletic fields will cost less than $500,000.

Oh, yeah. kickbacks on $100,000,000 are superior to kickbacks from $500,000.

Gotta line those pockets, eh?

Let's puke these people up on November 3rd!