Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vandalism spree in LIC

From NY1:

More than a dozen Long Island City residents woke up Saturday to find their cars had been vandalized overnight.

But hey, victims - you'll be happy to know that crime is down!


Anonymous said...

The cops will catch this guy,he'll shoot at them,the cops kill him.....................they then name a street after the perp.hahahahahahahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

This is frequently done by local glass repair shops looking for business. Make sure that you don't use any local shops. No need to pay the responsible parties.

Captain Renault said...

Round up the usual suspects!

Anonymous said...

It's really those "Tower" people
who are the perps.

They're having trouble making ends meet in this rugged economy.

Anybody wanna buy my overpriced "luxury" condo(m) from me?

Or rent it....(sigh)?

(P-s-s-st...wanna buy a couple of
car radios)?

Kurt said...

This is a normal Saturday morning for people who live near the UA Kaufman Astoria Stadium 14, especially after a big new film opens.

Anonymous said...

Yup, this happens a lot in Astoria, too.

Never gets reported there either.

Detective McNutty said...


Who patrols your area? Is it the 114th pct? If it is, good luck getting any help.

I complain all the time about a neighbor riding his atv at night. I can point out where he lives and I am willing to testify, but the officers who arrive are good talkers. They tell me my neighbor can then file a report against me for harassment. They turn me into a bad guy just because I don't want an atv rolling up and down the block. Crime hasn't gone down in NYC, the police aren't doing their job because Bloomberg and Kelly want it that way.