Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brooklyn park is a real dump

From the NY Post:

This can't be what Mother Nature intended.

Years of illegal dumping and unchecked weed growth at the Fresh Creek Nature Preserve in Canarsie have turned the once-beautiful stretch of waterfront park into a polluted wasteland of garbage and dead trees, residents charged.

"This is not a nature preserve," said Maria Garrett, 52, whose house sits next to an overgrown section of the preserve on E. 108th St. "It's a hospice where nature comes to die. It's a nature graveyard."

Spanning 74 acres of salt marsh along Jamaica Bay, the litter-covered shores of Fresh Creek are strewn with everything from liquor bottles to broken baby carriages.

Mussels grow out of tires left on the beach. Nearby are two burned-out cars submerged in water.

"If it was us not taking care of our property and leaving garbage everywhere, we'd get a ticket," said Garrett. "Who's giving the city a ticket?"

Photo from the NY Sun


Anonymous said...

who will work at the restaurants the mayor dines in? uhoh,they might pass alog the virusin the kitchen............

Anonymous said...

The pigs who do this deserve plenty of blame too. We need a few stakeouts and a few arrests. It is almost certain that the abandoned cars are stolen, since even non-running cars can be off-loaded to charities or junkyards for little or no cost.

Also, if the park is that isolated it is ideal for drug transactions too.

-Joe said...

There are burnt out cars in the park that were used a fireplaces still there from the 80's.
In the Forest park near Metro & Woodhaven.
(where the horse trail were)

The Bandshell (off Glendale) benches haven been painted in 20 years they are all cracked and rotting.

Shame-- I used to play there when it hosted rock concerts.
Steve Stevens (Billy Idol guitar player) and his band at the time "One Hand Clap" put on some great shows.
The old Lovers Lane off the Golf area is all littered with over flowing trash bins and leaves.


Anonymous said...

Yey ...Fushing Meadow Corona Park is over-run with rats !!!

People living in the brush are crapping and leaving garbage all over the place.

Whats up Benepe ?

Anonymous said...

why stop at park?

Brooklyn is a real dump

Anonymous said...

Flushing Meadow is over run by rats!

Let's see if we can get a few more redtail hawks to nest there. They can take care of a few of the pigeons too.

Anonymous said...

The TAC also pays compensation if a person passes away as an outcome of a road accident.