Friday, April 24, 2009

LI Building Commissioner going to the pokey

From Newsday:

Robert Bonerba, the former head of Smithtown's building department, pleaded guilty Wednesday morning in a Riverhead courtroom to four counts of bribe receiving as part of a plea deal that calls for Bonerba to be sentenced to 2 years in the Suffolk County jail.

Bonerba pleaded guilty to receiving "several thousand dollars" from builders Frank Esposito and Robert Fitzpatrick to expedite paperwork on a Nesconset home they planned to build.

Bonerba also pleaded guilty to taking about $4,000 in carpeting and installation for his own home from builder Farouk (Frank) Kiridly, and to taking about $1,400 for a fireplace in his home from Fitzpatrick and James Fox, another builder. Bonerba also pleaded guilty to taking $1,000 in cash from Fitzpatrick and Fox to provide false information in a letter regarding the number of rooms above a Kings Park plumbing business.


-Joe said...

Haa "another builder"
Why not say Wasserman !
Was North Hempsteads inspecter now making new "friends" in East Meadow.


Anonymous said...

What LIERS !!!!

This is fallout from the N Hempstead bust posted above !!

Since Newsday is running damage control for Souzzi and Kaiman I will post the rest of the story.

Corruption, Bribery Charges Rock North Hempstead
Former Buildings Commish Wasserman Singled Out By DAMINEOLA (CBS) ―
Not for release

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Several North Hempstead employees were under arrest Monday night, charged with corruption and bribery.

The employees work for the town's buildings department. One is even the former commissioner.

As he walked out of the Nassau County District Attorney's Office, David Wasserman refused to answer questions about his 29-count indictment. The former North Hempstead building commissioner and alleged co-defendant have been charged with allegedly taking bribes and extorting money from developers. Prosecutors say he would wave building permits and falsify certificates of occupancy.

"David Wasserman went one step further and lied to the town about this corrupt outside income," Nassau DA Kathleen Rice said.

Also indicted were Thomas McDonough, who is currently a building inspector, Andrew Acierno, a former building construction inspector, and Joseph Madden, the former deputy building commissioner accused of accepting cash bribes, while putting the public in danger

"Approving plans for homes that violated building codes and for turning a blind eye to the very codes he was responsible for enforcing," Rice said of the charges.

The town of North Hempstead includes some of the most expensive homes on Long Island, including Kings Point. For years some residents have complained that getting a permit meant greasing someone's palm. Now, getting a permit is nearly impossible.

"People aren't getting certificate of occupancy," Rice said. "People aren't able to sell their homes; people are living in homes that are illegal. People have no confidence in the fairness of the system, all because of David Wasserman."

Sources say the DA's probe has now broadened to include possible links between campaign contributions to town elected officials at the criminal court.

Late Monday a spokesman for the town of North Hempstead told CBS 2 HD that the town is disturbed by these indictments and is implementing new policies in its buildings department.