Thursday, April 23, 2009

A BJ's for Muss

From Crain's:

Send in the big boxes. Members-only warehouse-style retailer BJ’s Wholesale Club Inc. just signed on for 121,000 square feet at Muss Development’s sprawling shopping center at Sky View Parc on College Point Boulevard in Flushing, Queens. The asking rent for the 20-year ground-floor deal was not disclosed, but real estate sources say asking rents in the area are typically around $40 a square foot.

The store is expected to open by November. It will join other large retailers, including Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy and Target, at the 800,000-square-foot center. Chain restaurant Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar also recently signed on to lease 6,500 square feet at the shopping center, where the eatery plans to open in the spring of next year. The center is now 70% leased.

Photo from The Real Deal


Anonymous said...

The location is the best - the smell of the area is world class - I am not sure how the developer defeats the latter issue. If an open pit sewer is adjacent to where you are standing, you will not be standing there long. Pity those who buy apartments sight unseen.

Anonymous said...

Does Queens really need another BJ's and Target 2.5 miles from the BJ's and Target on 20th Ave?

Anonymous said...


The Chinese, who already buy in bulk at BJ's College Point to supply their restaurants, will find it more convenient to buy in the new F-Liu-xhing location.

I avoid that downtown area like the plague! It has nothing to offer but junk.

Anonymous said...

Chinese who are not so well off will live anywhere.

Think of the conditions they are fleeing in the old country.

And what's a little sewage stench if the feng shui is good.

Muss is marketing to Asians.
Read his his promotion lingo.

If you can get your family to pool their money the Muss development is a good bet.

If not the Bland houses are right across the street.

Anonymous said...

Remember Starrett City at Willow Creek in Brooklyn...built right across from an active garbage dump?

Muss' project is paradise compared to that!

But he needs to rename it:

"Effluent Affluence At Flushing's End".

That's where all the poop winds up.

That multi million dollar sewage retention tank the city built doesn't seem to be alleviating the odors.

What I'm saying is said...

so now BJ's will be popping up all over queens like Home Depot stores?
Do they really think they can be sustained?

Christopher said...

I live not to far from queens college but i think id rather drive to the bj's over on 20th ave.

Anonymous said...

Why build another bjs and target if there's one on 20th ave already.

its only 2 miles away.

Anonymous said...

This is a very dumb move. Think of all the extra traffic, air pollution, noise, garbage... Who would want to live over this dump????

Skinny said...

I think its great. 20th Ave is too crowded. This will make it easier to shop. besides, Home Depot is already right across the parking lot in Flushing.