Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Religious opposition to Marty's $64M potato chip

From the Daily News:

Borough President Marty Markowitz wants to build a $64 million Coney Island amphitheater across from two synagogues - even though a city law bans amplified sound during religious services.

The law could mean that the glitzy, open-air arena in Asser Levy Park would be barred from hosting concerts on Friday and Saturday, the two biggest moneymaking nights.

Opponents are hoping the glitch could derail the arena - which they argue is too big and would ruin the park.


Anonymous said...

Redesign it to look like a yamulke
Marty and there won't be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Or he could acquire the two synagogues under eminent domain proceedings...move them elsewhere...
and put a "Lay's" or "Wise" logo on the existing design.

Those potato chip manufactures
would pay millions for the naming rights.

Er...just like in Willets Point!

Please contact Queens Crap if you think it's a good idea B.P. Markowitz.

Anonymous said...

This is just silly.

The concert series as it has been, where it has been, in the state the place has been in, works. It's the perfect profile and persona for the area in terms of the atmosphere and the types of artists it books. It is not a situation where people should be asking themselves "how can I make money off of this". I know it's up there with moving the goalposts, but I can't see why the PT Barnum of Borough Presidents can't see this and just leave it be. The venue and concert series as it stands is something that the people of the area are going to really miss if it gets all glitzed up as planned. It's a modern piece of Brooklyn that shouldn't be taken for granted.

Ok ok, I could have done without all the ants and mosquitos at the Burt Bachrach show...but it was free after all. lol

Anonymous said...

Although some your commenters think this is funny, it isn't. If Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz gets away with what the LAW is then NO neighborhood with a school, or church or synagogue or mosque is safe from the amplification ( RE: Concerts etc.) within the 500 foot law. This will be setting a bad precendent in NYC. By the way there is also a Hebrew School at the synagogue that teaches children on Sundays, so it is not just a Friday & Saturday deal. If Mr. Markowitz dosen't change the venue to the Coney Island Development area, there WILL BE a court case & let see if any elected official is ABOVE the LAW.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the Jews should stone him. He sounds like he is up with Madoff. How do you have shrieking amplifiers when people are trying to pray?

Anonymous said...

"Let It Bleed"!

Bring on the Rolling Stones!

Anonymous said...

another wacko, what the hell are we doing in new york? time for change......