Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's official. Prep has the swine flu.

Swine Flu Confirmed at St. Francis Prep

( AP) - Mayor Bloomberg says that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that students at St. Francis Prep were infected with swine flu.

New York officials previously had said they were eight "probable" cases, but tests later confirmed that it was indeed swine flu.

Bloomberg stressed that the cases were mild and many are recovering.

The city is awaiting the tests of additional samples to see if more St. Francis Preparatory School students were infected.

About 100 students complained of flu-like symptoms at the school.

Some students went to Cancun on a spring break trip two weeks ago.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lmao do you think?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone think to ask if the students who went to Mexico are the same kids who got sick? Some kids got swine flu which happens to be going around in Mexico. Some kids went to Mexico. This doesn't necessarily mean we're talking about the same kids. If they're not, I hope someone is thinking about other ways they could have picked this up.

And I hope their parents don't work in my office because people in private industry don't stay home unless they're half dead.

Sarah said...

I don't know why all the officials are playing this pandemic down. This is serious! All levels of government are pretending this is not. Here is what needs to be done: close all schools, cancel all public events, issue masks to all citizens for one week and then lets see were we are at. Once people start to die here, it will be to late. Pray for those who are already infected and for those who have died. God Bless us All!.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Dr. Bloomberg! Your assurances, sir, mean nothing. Shame on you for soft peddling this crisis. (Reminds me of Christine Whitman after 9/11.)

georgetheatheist said...

"Bring out your dead. Bring out your dead." - from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

(-"But I"m not dead yet!"
(Hits him in the head.)
-"Now you are! Bring out your dead. Bring out your dead.")

Joe said...

Oh now thats a suprize.

1/2 the brats were in Mexico passing around "stinkeys" drinking and fornicating the local chikas for spring break.

Tens of thousands of infected are fleeing across our borders. Obama has the border patrol supplying food and water !!

Anonymous said...

I don't see Bloomscuz taking any steps to make sure now that the rest of the city's school kids don't get sick. Not to mention their families. School is EXACTLY where all of this crap spreads. The one thing you can always count on is kids sneezing all over each other, especially the little ones.

Why don't they quarantine those Prep kids and their families? If any of their parents or siblings get sick, they'll only spread it on the subways, offices and stores when they shop.

Fornicate, Joe? It's doubtful they were "fornicating" any of the locals - more likely each other. I went on a trip my senior year at Prep. I know what goes on despite the "chaperones" if it was in fact a school trip.

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Taxpayer said...

Why did the Commissar use this illness as campaign material?

Notice that he used Spanish to pander to the immigrant votes.

If he wasn't campaigning, then why didn't he have actual experts handle the event?

Or, can the Commissar practice medicine without a license and get away with it?

Notice again that it is the young ones he so loathes who are ill.

Dump this dwarf on November 3.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read the other posts on this website about the swine flu because it talks all about it and prep.

For Joe that called the kids that went to Mexico "brats" don't talk about what you don't know. It was only 12 of us who spent our OWN money, not our parents, to go. Most seniors went to the Bahamas this year and since we're our own group of friends we decided to do our own thing and go to Cancun. No one had sex with ANY people that we did not know. We're seniors in High School I think we know better than that.

I am a student at prep that went to Mexico and yes, did get sick. It's possible I do have the swine flu. There is no telling in where it started in prep and who had it first so there's no use blaming anyone for it. None of the kids that went to Mexico positively have swine. Those tested did not go to Mexico, they were just students.

And it was NOT a school trip. We planned this on our own and went on our own. The school trip this year was to Hawaii and Italy.

-Joe said...

Why don't they quarantine those Prep kids
That Jackass Janet Napolitano is playing it down refusing do anything (declare) dispite the CDC's beggings and warnings.

If there is no Emergency why has the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) ordered one million plastic "Poly Guard" burial vaults that can hold 6 bodies each ?
There are acres of them on a lot in Georgia
Check this out !


Anonymous said...

There is a slight chance it may have been planned.
1 Million stackable caskets (Ribbed lids) ?

The government is planning something REALLY bad. Such is the case right now.

In October, 2007, the sub-prime mortgage crisis hit. Millions of illegal aliens and others who had lied about their ability to repay loans had defaulted and those defaults took out the banks.

Credit dried up, banks are dead, economys tanked and the laying off milions of workers is next.

Nobody considered was that our government is already saddled with so much debt they cannot hope to afford another Great Depression. They don't have the funds to pay unemployment, welfare, food stamps, free medical care through medicaid and and they have ZERO chance of borrowing the money to provide it. So, the decision has been made to "cull the herd."

Perhaps they have no choice but to kill off a slew of "useless eaters, most of whom live in our major cities.

They know that unless they kill them off, there will be so much social chaos that the government will fall or be overthrown and they definitely don't want that to happen.

"Plan B" for any real emergency doesnt exsist.

Anonymous said...

Foil hat, -Joe.

Anonymous said...

One cannot plan an epidemic since they have a pesky way of reaching out of the slums and into the "best" homes; see any history of Typhoid Mary for further information.

Also, due to the unique nature of the flu, transmission can occur via several vectors beyond any government's control, including migratory birds.

Historically, many strains of the flu have struck strongest at the
20-someting population, the most vigorous and desired workers. This occurs because many middle-aged people have partial immunity due to previous exposure to related strains.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg might catch it...ha, ha, ha...he says he rides the subway to work!

Anonymous said...

I'm wearing a mask.

My neighbor's using an illegal Mex to do some work...and he's coughing up a storm!

Anonymous said...

It's back to the 1930s!

A bad economy and infectious diseases we thought we'd eradicated!

Maybe the Disney Corp. should add a "3rd World Land" right next door to the "Magic Kingdom"!

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to get over the fact that italian girl actually went to Prep....

Queens Crapper said...


Sarah said...

Stop with the conspiracy theories. Now the health department is reporting to all the kids from St. Francis that they first tested false negative! This means not 8 confirmed cases but hundreds. This thing has legs and remember our government from top to bottom is not responding. Close the
borders!!!Close the schools and stop lying to us.

Anonymous said...

I'm staying off the Q 88 bus!

Queens Crapper said...

If you are a current student at SFP or a parent of a student and would like to be interviewed for a NYC-based national daytime TV show about the swine flu, please write to me at and I will send you the details.

Anonymous said...

To the student from prep, we are sorry that anyone is sick and as someone who lives right near the school I am just as nervous as anyone but I don't think it excuses some of the comments here. Any reasonable person will not blame a kid who went on vacation or the people of Mexico for a flu epidemic. Still you have to admit it makes sense that someone who went on vacation there brought this back without realizing it. People are reacting because they are scared.

Also I think the spoiled brat comment may have something to do with the fact that there are certain kids in HS who actually think a spring break trip to Mexico or the Bahamas with a group of friends is the norm.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the aspiring young scholars who journeyed below the Rio Grande should spend more time with their heads buried in their books rather than in each other’s laps. Check with your English teacher about when to capitalize high school--and when not to. Ask about the use the pronoun "who"--and why "that" is incorrect. Furthermore, the opening sentence needs reworking as do several others. The phrase "in where it started in prep" makes no sense. You can't write if you can't think. The flu may not be your biggest problem. You are in high school and you're making such egregious errors in grammar, usage, and sentence structure? Forget Italy. Forget Hawaii. Take your money and invest in a Warriner's!

georgetheatheist said...

They still publish Warriner's?

Man, those were great texts. They had a great heft to them and the inking smelled terrific! Thanks for the memories.