Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Violent offenders get around Mike's gun laws

From the NY Times:

In 2008, even as gun killings fell, the number of killings committed with knives or other “cutting instruments” rose 50 percent in New York City, the Police Department said: to 125 from 83. Some other large cities saw no such increase last year, and police officials and experts are at a loss to explain what is either a new trend or a spike.


georgetheatheist said...

And how about those young strapping bucks that "stroll about" the streets with their canes?

-Joe said...

A new trend or a spike?

What is he kidding?
This has been the weapon of choice for most criminals since the age of smashing rocks to make arrow heads.

Now guess what group (and numbers) like to "cut" that this assh*ole has invited under his sanctuary city policy!

This shows how out of touch our penthouse leaders are.

When do we regester .....then get our knives, metal, glass and ceramic confiscated ?


neversleep said...

Actually, the current law is good for former butcher-boys like me, who are good with the knife.

Anonymous said...

Don't bring a knife to a gunfight

Anonymous said...

The list of knife laws, while short, is extensive, the "extensive" part being the phrase "or dangerous knife" (after banning blades over 4", switchblades, gravity knives, balistic knives etc)

WHAT exactly is a "dangerous knife". Well, it seems it's whatever the police/DA says is a "dangerous knife"

I gather recently, they have pretty much been considering any knife where the blade locks open a "dangerous knife". Of course this doesn't take into account that it does make the knife many times safer to USE

The other interesting one is that they are calling knifes that fail what is called the "spyderco drop" "gravity knives" The sypderco drop is when you take a closed knife, grab it by the blade, and use the weight of the handle, and a wrist snap to open the knife. Most knifes, if there is enough of the blade outside the handle to grab will fail this test (a real gravity knife requires that you can 'snap' open the knife by holding the knife by the handle, and swinging your arm - btw, be careful, as even with a detent ball designed to hold the knife closed (the federal govt test) if you have a worn knife/mis adjusted knife, you can sometimes fail this one

NYC is also calling "assisted openers" (look it up) "switchblades" (at least some officers are), despite that the Federal Govt has ruled they are NOT

Anonymous said...

Traditionally the weapon of choice for blacks and Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

So is that old NRA claim true...that guns don't kill people...people kill people?

H-m-m-m....looks that way.

Anonymous said...

"Someone's sneaking...'round the corner...can that someone be Mack the
the knife"?

Anonymous said...

Do these "dangerous" category knife rules apply to having one on your premises?

Are large bread knives kept at home OK?

We already know they're illegal to conceal or carry.

Anonymous said...

From the time I purchase a new utility knife (box cutter) at my local hardware store and carry it home along with my other I need an NYPD transport or carry permit?

See what I mean?

An evil person intent on bad deeds can use an uncapped ball point pen as a weapon.

"24's" Jack Bauer could improvise a weapon of personal destruction on the spot!

Anonymous said...

Karate or wo hands are lethal too!

Anonymous said...

I'm 70...carry a stout cane and know how to use it to support my weight!

Let's see police officer Doofus try to take it from me!

From my cold dead hands!

Taxpayer said...

In my utensil drawer is a butterknife set.

Do these have to be registered?

Is that what started bridal registration for gifts? To allow the police to examine if newlyweds would be stockpiling weapons?

Throw a plugged-in toaster into the filled bathtub, and more than the lights will go out. Same with a stereo.

It just seems that we could use anything and everything to kill and maim.

There needs to be weekly police inspections of our residences, like the military.

The Commissar can strut from room to room, examining all drawers and containers (even the pillowcases) and jail anyone for having what frightens or gives him the quivers. He can apply eminent domain to the property if too many things give him the vapors.

Anonymous said...

Our obsessive micro manager "anal" Mike Bloomberg is always grandstanding with his maniacal mega reforms..."eliminate trans fat"..."no smoking outdoors too"...yadda, yadda!

But when it comes to the real curbing over development until our infrastructure
can keep pace with it...NOT A PEEP FROM HIM!

That would interfere with his wealthy real estate buddies amassing even larger fortunes!

Anonymous said...

Only the weapon of choice for poorer Blacks and Mexicans who don't have enough money yet to buy guns!

Anonymous said...

Traditionally, during the post civil war era, "Negroes" often used razors as weapons being even too poor at first to own knives!

Anonymous said...

I'm not giving up my 12" billy club!

Anonymous said...

dont worry mayor mile will bann all knives and utility cutters in the city and will replace them with a spork

georgetheatheist said...

In 1969, stolling down Convent Terrace, I was heading to the CCNY library on a beautiful Spring day, the air smelled sweet and the birds were singing. A gentle zephyr blew across my face.

Two neighborhood denizens tailed me. One grabbed me from behind in a head lock saying nothing. Slowly coming into my view was a blade of a knife (as large as the one in this post's picture). While he displayed it in front of me, his compadre rifled through my pockets and lifted my wallet.

Then the headlock guy let me go while the other guy threw my keys 20 feet in front of me. Of course, I ran forward to retrieve them while they ran the other way vanishing into the hood. (Days later, a kindly building superintendent found my wallet in a garbage can with my papers and said he brought it to the local precinct.)

This duo got about $10 and my neck was spared. And I got a very important lesson, much more important than all the "book larnin'" at college: Watch your back. At all times. In broad daylight as well as night.

I have to hand it to those to brigands. They were slick; very slick. With well-practiced skills.

Wade Nichols said...

With all of Bloomberg's billions, he still doesn't quite grasp the concept of the "law of unintended consequences". If you ban handguns, then the criminals simply find an alternative. Witness the fact that crime rates are much higher in London compared to NYC, even with London's stricter gun laws. But yet we still hear the shrieking imbeciles telling us we need stricter gun laws here in NYC.

Miles Mullin said...

Wade, interesting piece about the Brits in (I believe) Harpers about the deterioration of public standards in that country.

A nation that once was a model of moral and high toned behaviour has become the byword of hooliganism, drunkeness, and immoral character.

Countries around the world pale when hords of these monsters like locusts plague their beaches.

Gun ownership had nothing to do with it.

Why do you think this has happened?

What lessons does this hold for us?

Wade Nichols said...

Wade, interesting piece about the Brits in (I believe) Harpers about the deterioration of public standards in that country.You have a link for that from Harper's?

Theodore Dalrymple has written a couple books on the Brits and their decent into hooligan culture, plus some articles in City Journal. You're not thinking of him, are you?

-Joe said...

The Democrats want all guns regestered so they know where they are.
The next step is confiscation.
They know citizons are pissed off and some heavey trouble is coming

The president can issue an executive order for "whatever" they wish to call an emergency and take them away.

Katrina New Orleans:
Remember the video of National Guardsmen busting in and jumping & headlocking a 70 year old women with a regesterd pistol ?
She was a retired bank securiety guard INSIDE HER OWN HOME as the cops and Guardsmen let the wild bucks ransack and shootout the whole city.

An Executive order allows both the Constution, Bill of Rights and Writ of Habeas Corpus to be suspended in Cases of Rebellion, Invasion, public Safety.


-Joe said...

Hooligan culture NO SH*T !!!

I been to England aside the tourist hot spots (the Parlament and Big Ben area is amazing) but the rest is an oozing sore.
London = awful. Full of pick pockets, bad drug addicts, and oh....these homosexuals that wink at you.
(some kind of signal ?)
A Hamburger lunch or 14 inch simple round pizza pie will cost ya $40 in American money.

Perhaps this is what Bloomberg wants for NYC, blight all of Queens and be the King

georgetheatheist said...

Forty years ago when I first visited England, on the plane ride over, some woman was raving about the Indian restaurants there. ("Wait'll you taste the Mulligatawny Soup!")

40 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I have no intention of carrying a knife. A large hammer works just fine and requires a lot less skill.



Anonymous said...

Now that we're talking big, here's something EXTREMELY disturbing that happened recently:

Just sad, and terrible, really.
YOurs Truly,

Miles Mullin said...

You're not thinking of him, are you?

Very good Wade, extracted from the Autumn issue of the City Journal.

Now you have proven yourself educated and well read, all we need to do is cure you the common affliction of Nouveaus: a craving for an ostentatious display of wealth or the hubris of power gone to your head like your neighbor, Blumturd.

If you can wean yourself from that, you might amount to something.

Anonymous said...

Only certain knives are "deadly weapons" in the penal law. any knife though,And just about anything else can be a"dangerous instrument"

Anonymous said...

A fat hickory or maple wood walking stick is better than a 12" "Billy".

If you spot a cop...just limp a little to indicate your need for it.

That can make some formidable weapon
and you don't need much skill to wield it properly.

Knives are much harder to use
requiring arduous practice.

Anonymous said...


I've watched senior citizens instructed by martial arts masters flatten a (rubber) knife wielding (mock) assailant in a simple to master katta.

But they had to be very cautious about being in the right position
to do it.

Once the perp is down he can be most easily brained in two shots!

Anonymous said...

Once a neighbor trash-picked what he thought were two expensive umbrellas.

Upon looking at one more closely he discovered that the "umbrella" was actually a dummy with a lead pipe wrapped around the original handle, newspaper wrapped around the pipe and the entire thing sewn into the umbrella cover.

Pity the assailant who got a whack from that umbrella.

Anonymous said...

Enough with the weapons crap already!

The next poster who brings it up can list his address and I'll send him a free subscription to the "Shotgun News" to wipe his ass with!

I'm beginning to believe
that most of us worship in the church of violence.

America does seem to be in the romantic captivity of the
gun (knife, billy club, etc.)!

Those who live by it, most likely, will die by it!

georgetheatheist said...

The United States began with a "shot heard 'round the world" at Concord Bridge.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad for the Brits that the Patriots had guns.