Monday, April 27, 2009

Scarano sues DOB

From The Real Deal:

Controversial architect Robert Scarano is fighting back against the city Department of Buildings' attempt to block him from filing building plans, a move the designer said could ruin his business, court papers said. Scarano asked a Manhattan State Supreme Court judge to rule as unconstitutional a 2007 city construction statute that can be used to bar an architect from filing for permits, as well as halt the administrative proceeding against him that is trying to do just that, according to a lawsuit he filed against the building's department April 17.

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Anonymous said...

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His once slick mile high pompadour hairdo is looking ratty and hanging all over his forehead!

What a stupid looking unkempt gavone!

Bobby the "hairpiece" should dry clean his rug once a week (if he has a spare).