Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Report of Hootie's firing was premature

From the NY Times:

...despite reports that the fake owl has been fired, Con Edison technicians are giving him another chance, turning to something else known to deter parakeets: the color orange.

“We put an orange cape on Hootie, and now he’s Super Hootie,” said Sam Maratto, a Con Ed technician who is leading his troops in the ongoing battle against the wild parakeets that are colonizing overhead electrical equipment and causing damages and power outages in Whitestone.


-Joe said...

They need to go to a taxidermy supply and get good glass "follow" eyeballs.
Thats one of the cheaper Owls with the plastic eye's, just the head rotates.

I dont know how it works but the smarter birds especially in the Parret family seem to know a fake Owl or Hawk by the eyeballs.


Anonymous said...

Lets order some plastic statues of Toby and Evan Stavisky. That'll scare of the birds, and pretty much anything else.

georgetheatheist said...

-Joe. You always have a keen eye on the problem. Thank you.