Friday, April 24, 2009

Bloomie's pet peeves

From Room Eight:

Mayor Bloomberg's too rich for just ten, so from the home office on the Upper East Side, here is the list of the Mayor's top fourteen pet peeves:

14. People who don't love rich people.

13. Fat people and also people who like fat (and salt).

12. People from the "outer-boroughs," or as he calls them, the great unwashed masses.

Click the link to read the rest. #1 is a good one.


steve said...

15. The fact that the stick up my ass is so far up, its kind of tickling my throat.

16. When satan doesn't return my phone calls.

Kevin Walsh said...

Can you show the whole thing? I can never get to show up.

Taxpayer said...

17. Pregnant woman who carry their cild full term and then give birth.

18. Children

Linda said...

1. The law, but if he doesn't like it, he just changes it.

holy shit how true is that! omg we really need to throw this guy out of office. he is abusing his authority as mayor and no one is even trying to question him.

Anonymous said...

Convert every anti Bloomberg post and every anti Bloomberg sentiment out there into an anti Bloomberg vote this November!

We still hold power in the meantime.

But for how long?


A vote for Bloomberg is a vote to end democracy and to ordain the first king of New York City!

All it takes is the flick of your index finger in the voting booth to throw Bum-turd out!

Or if you can use "that other finger"!

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean pet "peaves"?