Sunday, April 26, 2009

JFK has most bird strikes

From NY1:

...John F. Kennedy International Airport tops the FAA's list with 30 bird strikes since 2000.

The published database also shows that 51 percent of strikes happen between July and October, and 58 percent of collisions with birds happen during takeoff or landing as opposed to inflight.

In a statement released today, the Air Transport Association of America, a trade organization for airlines, says bird strikes are rare events, usually resulting in little or no damage to the plane.

The ATA says it will work with airports to refine wildlife management plans.


Anonymous said...

What? JFK is beating LaGuardia when it comes to bird strikes. Something must be done. I know. Let's build a garbage tower in College Point, right near a runway at LaGuardia. That'll show 'em!!!

ew-3 said...

Looks like the $333,333.33 / acre was well spent to keep Jamaica Bay a decent home for birds was well spent.

Anonymous said...

It was a home for birds before the airport was built there. And the marsh restoration is mainly for shorebirds, not the larger geese that are the ones that tend to get sucked into plane engines and cause damage.

ew-3 said...

Is there a little sign that says "No Geese Allowed". Geese pretty much go wherever they want.

Just a note, the picture in the original post on the subject was of an Osprey nest.