Friday, April 24, 2009

College Point a victim of "As of Mike" rule

From the Queens Chronicle:

Members of the College Point Corporate Park Task Force were furious with plans announced on Thursday for the city’s police academy, calling it an “as of Mike” plan with no community input.

Officials from the Mayor’s Office and Economic Development Corp. outlined plans for the proposed $1 billion building to be built in the corporate park at the site of a 30-acre city tow pound. It will be bounded by Ulmer Street, College Point Boulevard and 28th and 31st avenues.

“We have had no prior meetings with the city and now they tell us they want to start the ULURP process on May 4,” task force Co-Chairman Chuck Apelian said, referring to the Uniform Land Use Review Process. “Nobody was happy with it.”

The review process is for site selection only. When asked about rezoning, officials told the task force none was needed since a “mayoral override” would be used. “We are calling it ‘as of Mike’ because Mayor Michael Bloomberg is doing whatever he wants to get the academy built,” Apelian said, playing on the land-use phrase, “as of right.”

Adrian Joyce, the other co-chairman, said no one has ever heard of mayoral override as a way to get around zoning variances. “This ties our hands,” Joyce said. “It gives the community board no power.”

From the Times Ledger:

“So one man gets to decide? I just think it’s despicable,” Apelian said. “It’s just like they don’t care. If something doesn’t change immediately, I’m not even going to hold hearings on it. I’m just going to vote it down.”

Bloomberg’s office did not return calls for comment.

City Councilman Tony Avella (D−Bayside) said use of the executive power would be a “disgrace.”

“That would be the epitome of dictator Bloomberg,” he said. “To have that kind of audacity, it’s just unbelievable.”


Anonymous said...

Would you expect anything less from this "BLOOMING ASSHOLE OF A MAYOR"? He is such an asshole. To build and not to get communities input? As usual, he takes what he wants and everybody else can go to hell. Well, in Nov., he will be voted out and the ugly bastard will be gone. BYE BYE BLOOMBERG, YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY OUT!!!

Anonymous said...

That might be started around 2012 and finished in 2020.

Anonymous said...

Sig Heil, Mein Fuhrer Bloomturd!!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone let's say it together
"SPECIAL INTEREST", OMG this man who the hell does he think he is? Never has a mayor stomped on a city as much as this one. I can't believe he still allowed to do what ever he wants and no one can investergate and stop this craze man.

Anonymous said...


And unsatisfied with that...he's plugging for the title of "emperor"!


Anonymous said...

Bum-turd always knows what's best for everybody
so everything is "as of Mike" or he throws a bloomin' hissy fit!

Take a wealthy brat and give him a little taste of power and he seeks more!

Two terms aren't enough for him.
Now he wants a third!

After that (if he gets it)
he'll want a fourth then a fifth!

Let's crown him king and be done with it.

Then we can return to the monarchy we had before 1776!

If you voters let this sawed off despot pull the wool over your eyes you'll be begging for mercy from ever increasing taxes, diminishing quality of life, public safety, educational opportunities for your children and grandchildren!

Give this jack booted Nazi a shoe up his ass this coming November.

He's only 5' 7".

One well planted kick at the polls from each voter will send him sailing into the air.

Drop him at the curb for the regular trash pick up!

Taxpayer said...

Anonymous said:
"One well planted kick at the polls from each voter will send him sailing into the air.

Drop him at the curb for the regular trash pick up!"

+ + + +

We are not allowed to leave bio-toxins at the curb. Even the rats would stay away.

linda said...

wow taxpayer your the best! lmao

Anonymous said...

Will ya get a gander at the cut-throat buccaneers in that photo!

Der Fuhrer's "high command" looked more friendly!

"Roust mit you"!

Ray Kelly would make a great stand in for Himmler with that mug of his!

Anonymous said...

Would Don "junior" Pete Vallone be Dr. Goebble's understudy?

Anonymous said...

No wonder NYC is sinking.

Look at who wields power over us.

But please don't blame me.

I didn't vote for these jack boots!

Ooops...I hear a knock at my door and I see that some blue uniformed men are here to seize my I-Mac!

Good bye and good luck!

Keep on posting in memory of me!

Anonymous said...

And look at that dumbkoff Helen...
"She vus unly following orders"
like a good party bund fuhrer.

Anonymous said...

"Will ya get a gander at the cut-throat buccaneers in that photo!"

What a messerschitt!

Anonymous said...

A) The NYPD already holds the site so I don't get the big deal
B) Garbage Point can really use the academy.. now maybe it'll help that area, get rid of some of that transient trash that lives there, they'll leave cuz they don't like the cops
C) F Bloomturd, Avella 09 (Now I sounds like a hypocrite)

Anonymous said...

So Astoria is run "As of Peter" and Flushing "As of Toby."

Anonymous said...

No in Astoria it's the "Peter principle" that's screwing things up.

Don "senior" Pete first then Don "junior"Pete afterwards!

What a bunch of thieving goombah walyos!

Judge Chas. begat that political mafia back in the day!

Then you've got CB#1 the CB from hell.

Everything is as of wrong with them!

georgetheatheist said...

Leave Helen Marshall alone. She's a play-uh. (In her own noodle of a mind.)