Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bloomie doesn't want Superfund status for Gowanus

From the NY Times:

The Bloomberg administration is opposing a proposal by the federal Environmental Protection Agency to add Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal to the agency’s list of Superfund sites, arguing that the designation could jeopardize planned development for the area and the city’s own cleanup efforts.

Walter Mugdan, the Environmental Protection Agency’s director of the Superfund Division for the New York region, told the several hundred people in the audience that a Superfund cleanup need not to slow or impede any ongoing efforts toward restoring the canal because all necessary work can take place in tandem.

The city’s position puts it at odds with the state, whose Department of Environmental Conservation requested the nomination of the canal to the Superfund National Priorities List. E.P.A. officials will make their decision after a 60-day public comment period scheduled to end June 6.


Anonymous said...

Fast track the development for the developers of sick land that people around it live and to build onto it to sell to unsuspecting folks. Superfund is Fed $$ - why spend city $$? Slow it down - no developer has credit or access to bank fund to build on spec anyhow. What gives here - a city give-away a-la-Willets-Point?

Anonymous said...

Chuckle...guffaw...ha, ha...
What happened to that grandiose idea of making the area Queens' version of Venice?

Hey....I've got a great deal for you on the Queensboro Bridge...wanna buy it?

Queens Crapper said...

That's Brooklyn's version of Venice. Queens has Newtown Creek which will never be cleaned up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry "Crapper" I meant Brooklyn.

Queens version would be an open cesspool.

Anonymous said...

Hey....I've got a great deal for you on the Queensboro Bridge...wanna buy it?

What bridge? Oh, that one that just had a painfully inept anniversary all but lost to the local media?

Terrible Terri has decided that we need a program giving thousands to LaGuardia (on her board in QEDC - funny eh?) for a second rate exhibit and 10 minute talk by Barry about the bridge, and the other papers in Queens to bury it on page 8 with tweeder programs and pictures of hacks standing next to clueless immigrants and seniors taking the front 7 pages including the cover.

Contrast that to the Brooklyn Bridge celebration.

Now what was that about Queens getting no respect?

Anonymous said...

I don't worry. We have all those young bike riders and waterfront groups - you know, those guys that are fighting for parks along the waterfront, you know, that Metropolitian Waterfront Alliance run by the Muni Art Society that is just full of waterfront 'experts' (read developers)

THEY will fight for a clean waterfront, right?


Anonymous said...

Those waterfront groups are afraid to dredge the canal.

Thy might find a fleet of sunken kyacks pulled under from all the developer stickers slapped on their hulls.

Mr. Angry said...

When will newtown creek get a proper clean up? Not while Bloomberg is in office, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the Simpson's episode where they are pulling three-eyed fish out of the local river.

Wait till you see the new and exotic forms of cancer on this bloody ground.