Friday, April 10, 2009

Bloomberg pays Sanders back


Mayor Bloomberg knows how to return a favor.

The mayor hosted a fund-raiser this week at his Manhattan townhouse for a city councilman who provided a crucial vote to help roll back term limits, clearing the way for another run for City Hall.

Bloomberg hosted the private reception Tuesday night for Councilman James Sanders (D-Queens).

Sanders voted for the controversial effort orchestrated by Bloomberg and Council Speaker Christine Quinn to extend term limits from eight years to 12. Both are running for a third term.

Sanders is also running for a third term in the council.


Taxpayer said...

The story tries to imply that there is something important about the vote of the sovereign citizenry.

The motto of the Commissar, Quinn and Sanders: You vote. We laugh! You pay for property. We steal property!

Anonymous said...

hopefully everyone that reads this web site can see how corrupt the mayor and the council people are and vote their asses out. can't stand looking at bloomberg or quinn faces anymore and hopefully so does the entire tri state.

Anonymous said...

H-m-m, h-m-m...
nother house slave to the "white" man..."Yassir, yassir...wanna see me tap dance genemen"?

Sarah said...

I wonder how it feels to be a Bloomberg cheap date? Do you think those that are asked to go on a cheap date with the Mayor shave their legs and get prettied up for him. Look at that smile, he looks so excited! A vote here and a bribe there and you know at the end of the night what position they all agree to. I bet they don't even feel dirty when it's all over.

Anonymous said...

Quinn spins herself on Bloomberg's lap every morning in exchange for favors!

"I'll keep you in Clairol's blond shade #321 for the rest of your life my darling Christine".

Anonymous said...

Sanders is just a 21st century reincarnation of a reconstruction era carpet bagger!

He'd fashion a ladder from the rib bones of his own people to climb
up closer to the seat of power!

Anonymous said...

Will ya look at that "Uncle Tom" smile!

Anonymous said...

one hand washes the other

Anonymous said...

Will the press cover this?


Will someone ask the press (over and over again as the cameras roll) if the flood of adverstising revenue he has promised caused them to overlook his political coup by extending his term against the wishes of the people.

Anonymous said...

If they did, they are digging their own grave.

Short term revenue in exchange for losing the public's confidence.

Blogs are stepping into the breach.

-Joe said...

Will the press cover this?
NEVER, Never Never !
Bloomgerg and the socialists own the press and all the editors.
His buddy Murdoch even took the Times Newsweely (Former Ridgewood Times) and most Queens papers and dragged them all to Brooklyn under one roof where editors are watched and reporters are now his employees !!

People forget Bloomberg got rich developing much of the software and virtual private networking used by the press.
Now you have all sorts of private networked "agreements" Taboos and embargos on things.
They are one for all and all for one !

I worked at studio where a certain "live from New York TV program is broadcast".
I was constantly placed in thumb screws ever since this F_ing scumbag Bloomberg took office.
I had lots of friends including comics, actors to people in the News side of the building. All highley talented people !

We all started getting shackled till we quit or contracts up for not being liberal democrats, gay or "getting on board with the program".

Suddenly onscreen work, passes for events, afterpartys, office spaces disappearing.

My final crime was not cheering or clapping for Al Gore in the hallway of an 8th floor studio.
I was then placed in a situation where I had to do nothing for weeks, or take an early termination of contract with a cheap buyout.

I took the buyout F_ all them dirty sc*mbags, and the IA that was stealing 30% of my money.

Anonymous said...

The Green Mayor should have someone do an energy audit of HIS SIX HOUSES and have him explain why, with that footprint, he should be taken seriously as being envirnemntal aware just for turningt out lights.

Add his corporate jets, limos etc.

This guy uses more juice than a whole block.

Anonymous said...

or maybe joe your just a pain in the ass who deserved what you got

Queens Crapper said...

His buddy Murdoch even took the Times Newsweekly (Former Ridgewood Times) and most Queens papers and dragged them all to Brooklyn under one roof where editors are watched and reporters are now his employees !!

No, actually, it's the Ridgewood Ledger (A Times Ledger newspaper) that went with it's sister papers to Murdoch at MetroTech in Brooklyn. The Ridgewood Times/Times Newsweekly is still an independent local paper. There are so many papers in Queens with similar names that they are hard to tell apart sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Here is the shit eating grin of an ass that will look you in the eye and has no shame.

-Joe said...

or maybe joe your just a pain in the ass who deserved what you got
For once Anononymous is correct !

I knew I was F_'d
I was just as creative at giving all the hell I could toward the end !
They just wouldnt fire me !
I even got very animated, in public places and around the suits.
I the barstards themselves almost got fired and HAD to do start doing buyouts.

Crashing a meeting with investors in a Gorilla suit and peeing all over with a rigged up water pistol & bike brake cable works good.

I have my drunken bum act as well for the MTA LIRR. Half there ticket machines in Long Island are broken or wont take dollars.
Sometimes you just have no choice.
It's in the Bible you know!

Being it’s Easter I’m feeling a little spiritual I leave a Bible Quote from Matthew 7:12

"Do unto others as others do unto you---but do it to them first."


linda said...

wow, joe you have anger issues? lmao, you just go off at times. yeah i can't stand the bunch of losers running the city and hiding their SPECIAL INTEREST,but dude you need to relax it's EASTER have a chocoate bunny to take off the edge..

happy easter.