Sunday, July 1, 2007

How not to publish a newspaper, part 7 (website edition)

Queens Crap will not be linking to stories from the Queens Ledge in the foreseeable future, for the following reason:
See also, "How not to publish a newspaper" (print edition):

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Banner on the Queens Ledge should read: "Warning: this rag may be harmful to your intellect".

So, we have a publisher, editor and reporters with little or no intellect.

Our advertisers clearly are without intellect.

Our readers (Huh?)? Well, if they had any intellect to start with, our inane stenography, bilge operation took care of that!

Anonymous said...

The real joke is that some people actually pay for this rag. So many real papers can be had for free.

Anonymous said...

What a really scummy thing to do. you go to their site for info and they sneak spy ware on your computer. I hate sneaky little turds like that.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised malicious spy software is present when you visit the Queens Ledger website.

The pubisher of that "newspaper" is the infamous sleazeball, Walter Sanchez. Among other negative qualities, he is noted for being underhanded, malicious, untrustworthy and just plain dishonest.

So why wouldn't his website and newspaper be the same?