Thursday, July 26, 2007

Retaining wall collapses on UWS

Hundreds of residents of an Upper West Side high-rise were evacuated last night after a retaining wall at an adjoining construction site collapsed, threatening the apartment building's stability.


The collapse of the wooden wall at 7 p.m. exposed part of the foundation of the building at 784 Columbus Ave. near 97th Street, which is part of the Park West Village complex.

Residents evacuated after Manhattan retaining wall collapses

Residents Evacuated After Retaining Wall Collapses

Manhattan Building Evacuated After Wall Collapses

Photo from NY Post


Anonymous said...

When it comes to building.....GREED and SPEED take precedent over safety requirements.... and
(once again) our "old friends" at the DOB are certainly to blame !

The city is tumbling down around us and Mayor Mike turns a deaf ear as usual !

Anonymous said...

what are we up to . . . three retaining wall collapses this week??

Anonymous said...

It's like "Chicken Little's" futile shouting at the lazy & corrupt DOB, "The walls are falling" !

And mayor Dumb-berg rolls over on his pillow and continues his beauty nap !