Sunday, July 29, 2007

Brooklyn brownstoners go ballistic

The people of Clinton Hill went cuckoo for cocoa brown after they saw some primer being painted on a brownstone in an historic district.

Turns out it was just primer, says the Daily News.

Imagine how great Queens would look like if people here cared as much.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no, in Queens with a few minor clubhouse functionaries to egg them on, you get a resident LOUDLY PROCLAIMING their right to do whatever they want to.

Interesting who would know?

But seriously, it also is yet another reason that Queens has become the byword to bad taste. Even graffiti and rap artists have given the ghetto in Brooklyn and the Bronx some rep, but taste in Queens seldom goes beyond what color shoes Clair and Vicky and Dee wear to yet another pointless plaque ceremony.

Anonymous said...

Our people DO CARE but our politicians DON'T GIVE A DAMN (except for the campaign contributions they reap from developers) !