Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Hiram: Let illegals have IDs

Identification cards would be made available to all New York City residents — including tens of thousands of illegal immigrants — under a proposal by a City Council member from Queens...

“The city of New York is home to eight million people, many of them immigrants and some of them, frankly, undocumented,” said Mr. Monserrate, who plans to introduce legislation tomorrow to create the ID card. “Some of them have been residents of the city for many years, and to give them a basic ID card that’s valid within the city limits only makes sense for our municipality.”

Bill for New York City ID Card to Be Introduced by Councilman

But critics argue that it will entice illegal immigration and undermine border security.

For many city residents, the only state or local government identification now available is a driver’s license or a nondriver ID card. For both, the State Department of Motor Vehicles requires a Social Security card and other documents that prove legal presence in the country.


Anonymous said...

Why in the world should aliens who violated the law, be granted a privilege?

I'll tell you what, Mr. Monserrate... I am your constituent & you are my public servant. You better retract what you said, to restore true justice. Deport the illegal crappers!

Anonymous said...

"But critics argue that it will entice illegal immigration and undermine border security."

No shit shineola. Remember the clubhouse runs the borough for THEIR benefit, not YOURS. Getting elected and honest graft are the only things that are important to them. Voters and taxpayers are merely stage furniture for their theatrics.

Besides, then the inevitable shit hits the fan, maybe they will be at their summer home in Jersey/Poconos/Long Island and will not be around to dig out of the rubble.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Hiram an ex-cop ?

I'm really going to trust this man's "learned" opinion in how to deal with this complex matter !

He's just ass kissing his immigrant constituents (many of whom can't even vote anyway because they're illegal) .....duh....what a "smart" councilman !

No quarter given here....either you have a green card or get out !

georgetheatheist said...

"Thin the Herd"

1 million Less people in 2030.

Anonymous said...

Reduzca la Manada.

Uno Millon menos de Personas en 2030.

Anonymous said...

No green card? Get the hell out! America is NOT your economic wasteland!

Anonymous said...

What part of illegal don't these people understand? And that goes for the clueless folks in New Haven's city government.

These people are comitting crimes, sapping resources and taking away jobs from legal residents of this country. ¡ADIOS AMIGOS!

Anonymous said...

You can get rid of the illegals the same way they got here... make work harder and harder for them to come by.

Bit by bit they will disappear, returning home and demanding from their government the future that they try to crowd and compete against us.