Friday, July 27, 2007

Fort Totten park plan

Within three years, Queens residents will be enjoying more wide-open spaces at Fort Totten Park in Bayside.

Community Board 7’s Parks Committee unanimously approved the master plan for the park at a special meeting held in the chapel at the decommissioned fort last Thursday.

Wish List Created For Fort Totten Parkland

That's great, but there is no mention of the historic buildings that are falling apart. What is being done about them?


Anonymous said...

Maybe they will make way for more 'open space'

Anonymous said...

Look how long it is taking the feds to restore the South Side of Ellis Island. Look how long it is taking the city to restore and redesign Governors Island.

Fort Totten is on the city's eastern periphery. It is not a priority due to its location. By the time the city is ready to restore it, the buildings will be swept into the sea.

Anonymous said...

Open space is an asset, but our history & safety is in jeopardy. Restore these treasures at once!

Anonymous said...

"promised is $2.4 million from Congressman Gary Ackerman for a comfort station"

Hey Maspeth, who is your congressman? Maybe he can get you $ to build an outhouse at St Saviours. Cost about $100 to build if you get the labor donated.

Use the balance of money to pay for the property.

Anonymous said...

A chapel on the property?

More power to the residents of Bayside and the users of Fort Totten, may they get ten more parks!

But, look at that! A chapel, and a park is upgraded.

Maspeth? A church, and the mayor joins the self-soiled Gallagher in the rape of the land and the nearly 200 or so 150+ year-old trees on the property.

One is drunk on power and the other is drunk on sex and booze. Can you tell the difference?

Anonymous said...

The community screamed...LOUDLY...!

Citizens rallied !

The Fort Totten Conservancy was formed to combat Ackerman's original desire to roll over on his constituents and hand over Fort Totten to the gathered bunch of salivating private bidders !

St. John's University, Joe "daddy" Mattone etc. all wanted that land for their own greedy use !

Then borough president Claire Shulman was eagerly serving as auctioneer in what was to be one of the largest private land grabs of the day !the

Numerous meetings, large organized protests ......including an airplane flying over the little Neck memorial Day Parade trailing a banner proclaiming the wish to preserve Fort Totten for community/public parkland use !

Ackerman was forced to capitulate and has now become the "darling" savior of the fort !

This is a 360 degree turn about from his former role as real estate broker....pimping for the sale of Fort Totten to a couple of his private developer friends (and campaign contributors) !

See what a difference that a bunch of organized "squeaky wheels" can accomplish when pulling in tandem !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, where is Bayside Historical?

Why aren't they at the barricades about this? They are supported by the public, afterall, so .... ?

Anonymous said...

BHS is sitting and rotating on their thumbs in typical "hysterical" society fashion !

If they make too loud a noise they'll be ousted from their sumptuous headquarters in the Officers' Club !

The ghost of Geraldine Spinella still walks those hallowed halls !

Anonymous said...

Good point about Bayside Historical. This is where the problem is in this borough.

Not the developers, not the polticians, not the Manhattan-centric 'city-wide' preservation groups (who would rather play it safe and tidy and talk to the politicians rather than the grass roots groups)

Nope, that is not the fundamental problem. Its the preservationists in Queens. And our first step is to clean house here.

Anonymous said...

fort tottden willets point - isn't this at the site of the toxic waste dump "superfund"?

Rudy Ebert said...

Whatever they do, they ought to leave enough of the original post so that people can recognize it. I lived there in 1970 when my Dad was Post Commander, just before his retirement from the military. It's a venerable old post that deserves to be renewed and enjoyed.....but not forgotten.