Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jackson Heights wants Mayor's Task Force


The “environmental Mayor” rejects meeting with residents looking to improve environmental conditions in Jackson Heights.

(Jackson Heights, New York) New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has touted his Plan2030 for creating a more environmentally friendly, less congested city, is coming to Jackson Heights, Queens tonight, but refuses to met with area residents who have been working to improve living conditions in the area.

Jackson Heights has struggled with vehicular traffic, pollution and congestion, sanitation chaos and around-the-clock disruption and degradation of quality-of-life issues for decades. Mayor Bloomberg has refused to meet with these residents and has disinvited them from a so-called Town Hall open only to merchants, most of whom don't live in the area.

The residents of Jackson Heights will still greet Mayor Bloomberg at his scheduled meeting tonight with a local merchants group at the Jackson Diner on 74th Street between 37th Ave. and 37th Rd. — not with open arms but with signs, street protest, and pent-up expressions of outrage.

Jackson Heights residents for years have been bedeviled by choking traffic congestion, constant horn honking, illegal double-parking, foul emissions from delivery truck double-parking and idling, a history of pedestrian accidents that are increasing at an alarming rate, overflowing and illegal trash dumping, illegal street vendors and a marked aesthetic degradation.

This isn't happening in 2030. It's happening now. And Mayor Bloomberg, fresh from promoting his congestion-pricing plan, isn't acknowledging the current problem, or the residents he purports to serve.

The ‘sustainability Mayor’ will be one block away from 73rd Street and 37th Ave. -- an intersection that has been termed “a canyon of death,” “a disaster in the making,” and “one of the three worst in Queens." One of the members of the group he is meeting is a commercial developer whose wanton disregard for civil and environmental law, code enforcement and the concerns of the wider residential community has resulted in a mockery of Jackson Heights' multicultural reputation -- instead transforming the area with an environmental degradation not often experienced outside the Third World.

Now the city has approved an initial plan to build a 4-story addition over a one-story retail operation right on the corner of this already dysfunctional crossroads. Not only would this construction be a crushing blow to any solution of ongoing environmental problems, it would sabotage two current ongoing sustainability studies specific to the western portion of Jackson Heights, one federally funded ($640k, with an additional $160k provided by City Planning, to be administered by Congressman Joseph Crowley) and one undertaken by City Councilwoman Helen Sears.

We cannot understand why the City would issue any permits or approve any plans whose implementation kills the viability of these studies and wastes a million dollars’ worth of City and Federal money. Add to that as well: The application is being pushed by a commercial developer who is associated with a self-certifying architect now under investigation for fraud by a City Councilman’s office and who has already far exceeded any reasonable interpretation of an outdated 1961 mixed-use zoning code (C 4-3) for this street by doing away with two-family residential units on 73rd Street south of 37th Avenue and replacing them with five-story commercial units—each of which have longstanding, double-digit outstanding violations.

The Western Jackson Heights Alliance, on behalf of its 500+ membership of local residents, appealed to the Mayor to form a Task Force that would gather the various city agencies that could make a difference in saving this neighborhood from its precipitous decline. Instead, the only civic group representing residential interests in Jackson Heights was pointedly and specifically dis-invited from the meeting and told that any further insistence would result in the cancellation of any discussion of a Task Force. Who is the Mayor punishing?

We asked the Mayor to lend suffering residents a hand. . .and he has responded by giving us the finger.

Tuesday, July 31st 2007 7pm
Jackson Diner
37-47 74th Street (between 37th Ave & 37th Rd)


Anonymous said...

The Commissar's so-called plan is hot-air anyway.

This is a vision? Why isn't it already being implemented, piece-by-piece?

Because the open objective of the "plan" is to fool as many people as possible until they see that he and his puppet appointees have actually accomplished less in all his years than Dinkens did while at the US Open matches.

Oooh, yeah! A visionary!

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy! It's everywhere! Taxpayer is onto something big! Just like there's a conspiracy by the Parks Dept, Health Dept, City Council, DOI, DOH. Can't everyone else see it plain as day? Conspiracy!

Where are my meds?

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with the plight of the people
of Jackson Heights .
They now have the same bad taste of an imperial mayor in their mouths..... just like the rest of the other Queens neighborhoods (having far less clout) have had to deal with in the past !

Bloomberg is a little Napoleon who would be more at home in a totalitarian country where he could rule, unfettered, with an iron fist.

Fortunately our republican form of government does not permit "His Dishonor" to get away with playing Nero.


Good luck, spoiled cousins .
At least you have a protected historic district. Try living in Astoria or downtown Flushing.....then you'll really get a taste of what real congestion and filth is like!

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg cares about Manhattan and Manhattan only. He could care less about the other four boroughs.

If this congestion pricing goes through, you will see how self serving an official who is in a high office of power can be!

Anonymous said...

This whole area is blessed with a new $130 million dollar transit hub called the Victor Moore Arcade with solar power built by the MTA. The E,F,R,V,G,7 trains stop ther as well as five buses. Other neighborhoods are not so lucky to have such great transportation. I know that there needs to be a parking lot, but where do you put it? The NYSDOT is currently doing a new intersection at Broadway and 37th Avenue at the cost of over $100 million. The intersection will ease congestion when done but there is bound to be more traffic while it is being constructed. This Will Sweeny who I saw on FOX 5 is nothing but a bully who wants the Mayor to act before a study of the traffic is performed. The Mayor told him that he is not going to do anything before the study is finished. A study of the traffic flow now will be fatally flawed because the new intersection is not complete and the traffic lights need to be calibrated. I have lived in the area for 30+ years and can remember when tranny prostitution ruled the area along with drug sales, murder etc... The Indian merchant community in the area is interested in making money not crime. The area became filled with Indian merchants because of "white flight" to Nassau County. The same thing happened in downtown Flushing. The Indian community is not going to leave and will expand more. To try to change the area back to what it was 30 years ago is unrealistic. If you don't like the area. MOVE!!!

Anonymous said...

Leave it to a dumbass to make this about race and not about traffic, which is what the video shows.

Anonymous said...

You can tell when a party hack has posted a comment. They anonymously attack people. They confuse the issue. They bring up phantom concerns, empty promises, and false solutions.

What has the great Democratic machine done for this borough?