Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Queens West Queens Crap

Hi, I'm a poster on Queens West. Read this recent discussion thread to check out a building with stop work orders, violations etc. But the real kicker--look at the architect URL and check out the buildings--especially residential. The finest of the fine in Queens Crap!

45th Ave., between 11th and 21st

P.S. I'm a longtime North Flushing resident moving to LIC.

- D.A.F.


Anonymous said...

Hey native Queens residents: go over to Gantry park and see what happend to YOUR taxes. Millions are spent landscaping it while your local talent denies you funding for the beautification of your community (well, in fairness, he/she is probibally dumping tons of money for the benefit of the targeted tweeded groups in their district).

Who needs to address sticky quality of life issues when tweeding is all you need to get by.

Anonymous said...

Good point. And remember Team Gioia is dumping 6 million for more trees and landscaping to help the developers sell that property easier.

Hey, why don't you build large screens hiding the long term Hunters Point residents until you can finish clearing them out?

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can make St Saviours part of Team Gioias district - plant some trees along Borden all the way to Queens West.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised of anything positive as that board is comprised of new people that mostly regard Queens as a place to speculate or to sleep.

The tone are real estate foamers gushing over the latest new development.

Most don't know the difference between Corona (the beer) and Corona (the community.)

Anonymous said...

Looks like this "architect" (Jerry C.) friend uv da "goombahs" built 1/2 of the "custom homes" in Malba !

I'd like to coin a new style:


Anonymous said...

I grew up in Malba--in the old days before it became "goombah heaven". My family is still there. I knew there was something about the houses on that architect's site tha turned my stomach--now I know what it is. -Daf

Anonymous said...

Who the hell proposed the first building, City Lights. I mean back then, to build a massive tower in an industrial neighborhood, what fool even considered that.
Who in the hell approved it. A massive project such as this must have needed community approval.
How did the politicos/developers trick the community into approving it? City Lights and Avalon were a second test, the first being the failure of the Citicorp tower in the 90s, and unfortunately it passed, now the development floodgates have been opened upon LIC and Hunters Point.

Anonymous said...

So everyones neighborhood should suck just because yours does?

Anonymous said...

The citicorp tower was a failure? You couldn't be more wrong. It was and continues to be a great Class A property that attracts companies with lower rates than manhattan. That's why 2 new office buildings have been built recently.

And the waterfront condos/rentals cannot be snatched up any quicker either. Face it, people want to be in LIC, and being so close to midtown, is it really a mystery as to why its booming?

Anonymous said...

The Citicorp tower was a failure during the 80s-90s,when it was supposed to spark a building boom, it did not and remained alone for 12 long years. The condominiums were a second attempt at causing development, and it was successful. The question is why did the first attempt fail to induce even a small boom, while the second attempt brought about a massive real estate "gold rush?" I believe that Bloomberg's unbridled rezoning plans, in this case LIC, catalyzed the LIC building boom. There was no such rezoning plan accompanying the Citicorp building in the 80s(that's why it failed), therefore it can be concluded that Bloomberg and his rezoning plan are responsible for what we see today. There is nothing wrong with revitalizing a neighborhood, so long as it is done in the interest of its natives before that of outsiders. It all boils down to this: The Bloomberg administration is tailoring these plans with displaced Manhattanites in mind, we the affected communities do not appreciate the way our neighborhoods are being strip mined fore the sole benefit of others.

Anonymous said...


If you look back to old newspaper accounts (early 1980s) you'll see that that corrupt piece of Queens crap Donald Manes was pimping for the over development of Hunters Point.

It just took about 2 decades to complete the plan !

In the case of the "late" Manes....his demise was late.....it, perhaps, should have happened sooner !