Friday, July 27, 2007

Crap on Ash

Good day.

Here we have what was once a salon, shoe repair and a grocery store along Ash Avenue between Kissena Blvd. and Bowne Street. The shoe repair has been there since the 1970's. Around the corner on Bowne Street, all of the shops are closed. The building is being torn down. We can only guess what is going up.



Anonymous said...

Further down the block is the fabulous architecturally rich Waldheim area WHICH SHOULD HAVE BEEN LANDMARKED years ago !

Although a superb effort was mounted by involved and dedicated community historic preservationists, the LPC didn't do squat ! (A lot of those great houses are gone now)!

Councilwoman Harrison's lukewarm "support", at the time, didn't help matters much either!

Anonymous said...

The building in the picture looks nondescript to me. I hope something nicer and better replaces it.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm. I can smell the crap from here.

Anonymous said...

We're not saying that these ugly nondescript "taxpayers" are worth preserving . What replaces it should compliment the context of the area.

We are more concerned about the destruction of the adjacent landmark worthy Waldheim neighborhood which has been targeted, primarily, by (in this particular case) Korean "church" groups for well over a decade !

There should be some creative re-use of these old historic buildings .

The respectful preservation of a beautiful white columned house on Ash Ave. near Parsons Blv'd (by Rev. Moon's church ???) undertaken years back was an early example in that direction!

Cherokeesista said...

Come on we all know whats going to go up on that site, Buildings that rent to Asians only just like the ones that went up on Cherry Avenue, I live on Bowne and God forgive me but I HATE THIS DISGUSTING NEIGHBORHOOD and if I could sell and leave I would but I'm not selling to one of those dirtbag developers !!!!