Monday, July 23, 2007

AM-NY takes notice of dumb laws

With 51 City Council members and 212 elected officials in the state legislature, plenty of people are out there introducing bills regulating, well, pretty much everything.

Unearthing NYC's 'dumb' laws

For example, a proposed law pending in the City Council would require stores to get a license to sell new furniture or face fines into the thousands of dollars.

Another would classify broken mailboxes as "hazardous violations."

These are just a couple examples of what some might call "dumb" laws in the making.


hooper said...

Just think about how many more stupid laws we'd have if Dennis Gallagher had authored any legislation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure prostitution, bribery, sexual harassment and selling porn out of schools would all be allowed.

Censorship by elected officials would also be allowed, and they'd have complete freedom to harrass their critics on the taxpayer's dime.

Oh, wait, how would this be any different than now?

Anonymous said...

How about a "Dumb-berg" tax on our mayor ?

Every time this imperial fool says or does something stupid.....he gets TAXED !

With these newly collected revenues, from his deep pockets, we'll be able to run NYC for a whole year !