Friday, July 27, 2007

Stop the BS of the BSA

City Councilman Tony Avella (D-Bayside) renewed his call for the city to create an oversight board to monitor one of the city's most powerful and least-policed groups: the Board of Standards and Appeals.

Powerful BSA needs city oversight: Avella

Avella forced a hearing Tuesday on a piece of legislation he penned almost four years ago, calling on the Council to create an oversight committee for the Board of Standards and Appeals. Avella said he hopes to have a vote on the bill despite key opposition from Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Manhattan).

It's becoming clear where Clairol Christine stands on issues important to Queens and to whose interests she's beholden.


Anonymous said...

What has Melinda Katz done to help this legislation move forward and pass?

Anonymous said...

BSA has become "affectionately" known as the board of rubber stamps !

As far as they're concerned a developer can do no wrong and they often bend over backwards to accommodate their every need in regard to any requests for a variance !

The "approved" stamp is always well inked while the "rejected" stamp lies cracking dry and buried in the back of some remote filing cabinet drawer !

Anonymous said...

Clairol Christine didn't get to be speaker because of her oratory skills !

It was the excellent quality of the "lip service" she performed in relation to her developer friends that landed her "the position" !!!

Anonymous said...

"It was the excellent quality of the "lip service"..."

Now, that's really being stupid and slanderous.

Should comments like that should really allowed here by the administrator? It really lowers the quality of the blog.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps YOU were her "advisor" in that department !

Love the "quality" of your posts also !

Do you have a "pink" complexion also ?

No....I suspect it's red now !

Ta, ta now..... and keep those astute comments coming!

Anonymous said...

The fact that Christine is in bed with developers isn't upsetting to you? Colorful language was used to make the point, but it's a valid one.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, another intelligent argument from 'anonymous."

Try supporting your allegations about Speaker Quinn with facts. Please.

Anonymous said...

Speaker Quinn's actions and campaign contributions speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...


The continuing caliber of your comments keep amusing us all !
How old are you (mentally...not chronologically speaking) anyway ?

Speaker Quinn's "character"(or lack of it) is self evident!

The facts (if you look beyond your nose) support themselves !

Anonymous said...

Talk to preservationists across the city the have tried to sit down with her and get her support in their efforts to take back her community from the developers.

Every one of them claims that once she got in as Speaker, she has changed and is pro-development.

Just because the press refuses to report this, and links her change of heart with the deal she cut with Manton and the machine, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

I'm 10 in mental age, anonymous. My mental age is apparently double your IQ.

Now, once again, about that "lip service" comment, got anything real to back it up yet? By the way, using exclamation points at the end of every sentence doen't make your case any stronger, especially when you havn't proven anything yet.

Still waiting....

Anonymous said...

"especially when you havn't proven anything yet."

Hey, you clubhouse boys don't publish your minutes either.

It is common currency by people that have worked with her in the preservation community that she is no friend of the public.

Maybe we don't count in your calculations just yet, but the time will come when opinions like that from the street might be important to you.

Anonymous said...

"Rob" (or should we say "political plant")....

You can wait until your 10 year old beard reaches the floor !

Ms. Quinn's public record in the LIP SERVICE DEP'T. with regard to developers is fully transparent to all who have good vision!

You look it up yourself....that's your homework assignment....this is not a Kindergarden class!

Many of our readers already have and seem to fully agree with me !

By the way....the little boys' room is for where you're supposed to get rid of what you've been posting !

Use it....and happy IQ score!