Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is diner done for good?

Once a neighborhood favorite, Carmichael’s Diner on Guy Brewer Boulevard in South Jamaica has remained dark and locked for almost two years.

Neighborhood Diner Remains In Limbo Two Years Later

...when owner King Carmichael died about two years ago, the diner shut down. Today, the front sign is fading and the inside remains empty. Scrawled in black marker, a closed sign is plastered on the front door.

Photo from Queens Chronicle


Anonymous said...

To a "hungry" developer....this looks like an "underutilized" piece of land !

Judging by the multi-story apartment building looming in the background.....
guess what's going to replace it ? !!!

Anonymous said...

We have to take back our city from the politicans and developers.

This will only happen with the active participation of an educated public and the different parts of the city sitting down and comparing notes.

Any chances we can get them to turn off American Idol?