Sunday, July 22, 2007

When Shea goes away, will cats stay?

Ms. DeFeo said her group had approached the team about managing the feral colony at Shea but had not heard a response. “I think they’ll want us to do it, because they like having the cats around,” she added, “but they don’t have a way of managing them in between homes.”

A Swing and a Hiss

Valerie Tovar, a team spokeswoman, said the Mets would have no comment about Shea Stadium’s feral cats.

Photo from NY Times


Anonymous said...

This catch and relase program is a joke. Cats spread disease and are, like rats, vermin.

Anonymous said...

Yes, lets allow wild animals to inhabit the new stadium, continue to live off garbage, infest the place with fleas and other pests and use this new park as a litter box. What kind of Humane Society spokesman is that?

The only positive would be they'd keep the place rat free probably.

Sue Mi Ko said...

you don't know what you're talking about. who's the biggest spreader of disease and garbage? it's people, not animals. give the cats a break. they would have their own habitat if we didn't constantly take it away from them. it's either living on a parking lot or in a cage at a shelter. if no one wants to adopt them, let them live the way they were designed to, outdoors. who are you to complain, you with a roof over your head and wheels to take you shopping. infesting the place with fleas? look around shea stadium and the amount of litter that's produced from the consumption of hotdogs and soft drinks. that's infestation on a completely different and far more destructive scale.