Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Johnny's loo in appropriately-named Flushing

Come September, pedestrians in downtown Flushing with the urge and two bits will be able to answer the call of nature in the borough's first public outhouse.

The outdoor unit - one of 20 such models to be placed around the city - will feature a self-flushing toilet, a sink, soap dispenser and a unique cleaning system.

It will be located in Lippman Plaza and will cost a quarter to use.

New toilets a Flushing success

"With [automatic public toilets], there are more urgent considerations than aesthetics," Councilman John Liu (D-Flushing) said. "If the city can provide us with a handsome looking toilet, then all the better."

"I just hope that people don't call this one the 'Auto-John' or 'Auto-Loo,'" the councilman quipped.


Anonymous said...

Never was there a more appropriate name for a politician than "John Liu" - both his first and last names are slang for a crapper.

Anonymous said...

How appropriate for FLUSHING! A real crapper right in the center of all the crap! This will make good copy (more crap) for Johnny Liu's campaign literature.

Anonymous said...

let's see how the Flushing BID is going to handle this one .

a destination to relieve one's self ".

My suggestion to replace their current lamp post banner slogans !

Anonymous said...

At least now some of those Asian mothers that I've seen, won't have to curb their kids anymore.

No more pissing or pooping in the streets !

Anonymous said...

Didn't they remove all of those self storage lockers
in railway stations because they were perfect places
for planting bombs ?

A terrorist might booby trap the door on one of these toilets to blow when the next person uses it !

A scary afterthought....in this day and age .

Anonymous said...

When Flushing was a more user friendly place, we didn't have to worry about finding restrooms. There were department stores, restaurants, and local merchants we could rely on if we needed a restroom.

Times have changed and so has Flushing. And it's no improvement! Although it's not far, I don't go to downtown Flushing anymore. I don't need to take the subway. I drive and I can shop elsewhere. Even the lure of the city's first public toilet couldn't coax me there. Flushing is NOT my destination of choice, for relief or anything else.

I guess the timing is right for this new facility to be installed, I hear the parking lot is going to be developed. From what I remember, the stench of urine in that lot was overwhelming. It was obviously a popular spot for relief. The parking lot was someone's destination of choice.

Anonymous said...

If an enterprising pimp guards the door outside.....
one of his his clients might be able grab a quickie
with one of his girls inside.

many such great business opportunities
abound in this new world.

the "Luk/Fuk" discount bordello !
Gag !

Anonymous said...

Are they going to dump the waste
in the Colden St. area community vegetable gardens and use it for fertilizer?

I don't advise anyone to eat those home grown veggies
that are being sold in the Lippman Arcade .

Anonymous said...

anything to make the orientals feel more at home.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather go to the restrooms downstairs in Macy's.

Anonymous said...

has now been fully transformed
from a formerly multi-cultural
and diversely integrated middle class neighborhood into a disgustingly overcrowded
mono-cultural 3rd world area .

It's become a destination of little choice .

BYOTP.....bring your own toilet paper
if you choose to visit!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if these curbside crappers
featured a pagoda roof style like the old
Chinatown phone booths,
their "picturesque" appearance
might serve to slightly mask the squalor
of this low class neighborhood !