Sunday, July 22, 2007

Is this Queens' sleaziest businessman?

A blog called "Brooklyn Streets, Carroll Gardens" has a couple of interesting posts about a guy in Queens who may have earned a title sought by no one:

Thomas Kontogiannis: Queens Sleaziest Businessman?

Queens Sleaziest, Part II: Thomas Kontogiannis

Interesting. This guy sound like he may provide stiff competition to Mr. Huang.

Photo from Brooklyn Streets, Carroll Gardens


Anonymous said...

Multiply this guy by dozens and walk up and down the streets of Astoria.

What is it with some people when it comes to taste and preservation?

Anonymous said...

Another sleezy geek !

Oops....did I leave out the cap "G" and small "r" again ? !!!!

Small said...

You should visit the Springfield Gardens Complex on 140 Ave between 183 & 184 st. HPD,DOB, DHCR & Sanitation have issued violations on property. Straw buyer thought they were 2 family homes. There is no property manager or super for complex. Many buildings are now in foreclosure by Wells Fargo. There seems to be at least 3 people who have deeds to one building. One man has put 28 buildings in ruins. So who is the cause of the high foreclosure rate in Queens. The Rich& Powerful??