Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fare hike next year

Prepare yourselves to soon pay more for bad service, filthy stations, rats, bums, leaks, malfunctioning air conditioning and packed subway cars:

It's the news transit riders have been bracing for, as MTA officials announced today plans to increase fares on subways and buses in an attempt to close a budget gap.

MTA Announces Plans To Increase Fares

The fare increases will take effect sometime next year, but officials have not yet said how much they will be.

Photo from NY1


Anonymous said...

Its amazing how they are wasting money replacing all bus shelters,including those that are in good condition, with the new "modern" style. This could not be more wasteful, the new shelters do not offer any more convenience than the old ones, except for a few benches.

Anonymous said...

Everything is going up: taxes, tolls, fares, Starbucks, groceries... except my paycheck.

Bush's "new economy"

Anonymous said...

LOL, raising fares will just do wonders for increasing use of mass transit. -alfster1

Anonymous said...

Like you say, the new avante garde bus shelters offer nothing in way of more convenience to commuters. They do offer more billboard space though for annoying advertisments, which is the essential thing.

Anonymous said...

Another move to extract the middle class from NYC and prepare it to become the Disney-esque Residential Playland for the world's rich and famous!

With the Dollar weak and the Euro strong Manhattan is already being bought up in a frenzy !

A lousy Warren St. location penthouse was recently sold for , I believe the figure quoted was, 24 million dollars (in Euro money) !

I think you could have bought an island in the South Pacific for that !

Anonymous said...

Maybe the new bus shelter company is a friend of the "Parkside Group" that helped lobby them to be awarded this city contract !