Friday, July 20, 2007

AM NY visits Whitestone

AMNY printed a profile on Whitestone yesterday:

City Living: Whitestone

Be sure to check out the photo gallery:

City Living: Whitestone photo gallery


Anonymous said...

Mama mia!

verdi said...

Designed by Disney for a couple of "goombahs" !

Anonymous said...

seems only italians and greeks are left. used to be a large jewish community there also. guess they moved to greener pastuers.

Anonymous said...

Looks like dachas on the Black Sea for former Soviet mobsters ... or perhaps Romaninan Gypies that made it big in 'trade.'

It seems that the 'new Americans' so beloved by our politicans are branding Queens with their unique taste and style.

Queens, once again, a byword for 'class.'

Anonymous said...

Wait until all of that "Euro-Stucco" (1/4 " skim coat of plasticized stucco over 1 1/2"coffee cup Styro-Foam insulation) gets invaded by moisture if the vapor barriers and caulking seals fail ! (These are right on the windswept water front) !

Black mold grows and particle board sheathing rot occurs !

This stuff was not meant to be used in temperate zones like NYC but drier climes i.e. Arizona and such !

I hope I'm mistaken and (for the sake of the "proud' owners) that these are built of solid the old proverbial brick shit house (that's what they look like anyway just more "deluxe") !

Anonymous said...

The nicest looking houses in the AMNY slideshow result in racially prejudiced comments from the Queens Crap blog crowd. I guess all of your families were on the Mayflower.

Anonymous said...

These have got to be solid masonry....."da goombahs" worship cement !

The mark of your manhood is measured by the amount of concrete that gets poured into your "casa" !

Que bella cosa !

Anonymous said...

No my family came from Italy (around 1906) but , poor as they were, they had better taste in architecture than you do....."anonymous #4" !

Anonymous said...

"The nicest looking houses in the AMNY slideshow result in racially prejudiced comments from the Queens Crap blog crowd. I guess all of your families were on the Mayflower."

No, my grandparents came from Eastern Europe and lived under the railroad tracks. The only people that had rugs in their alley was the one black family on the block.

That being said, class and taste has nothing to do with background, but well, class. And just because you are an immigrant today, as the WASPs of 60 years ago discoverd, does not make you immune to criticisms of taste (despite your proctection from the politicians)

Anonymous said...

It never fails .
Whenever somebody can't come up with an intelligent counter argument, they quickly resort to accusing the critics of these (self evident) ugly pretentious" homes" of being racist !

Anonymous said...

I guess the guy who likes these 2 architectural abortions (maybe the owner ?) is really embarr-ASS-ed !

Anonymous said...

Which amateur home design computer program did the "architect" use on these ?

"Once Around The Home Depot Building Supplies Yard (Edition # 4") ? !!!

Heavy handed....and of extremely "low class" taste !

Anonymous said...

Que bella for cosa nostra !

Anonymous said...

Real houses are build out of bricks and concrete, not plywood and vinyl insulation.

Anonymous said...

"The nicest looking houses in the AMNY slideshow result in racially prejudiced comments from the Queens Crap blog crowd. I guess all of your families were on the Mayflower."

word! i can't believe the elistists on these boards. and the comments about the structural integrity of the homes? who do you think builds this city? greeks, italians & other immigrants in construction. you may not like it... but they know how to build it to last. and i'd love to have a look at the homes of all those who are knocking the "goomba" houses.

Anonymous said...

Hey "anonymous #10".....
can't you write English ?
It's spelled B-U-I-L-T built not "build" !

Oh I got so pissed reading the comments that your FU finger slipped on the keyboard !

You've got to learn to chill out....really now...lower your blood pressure !

Anonymous said...

The old world Italians that built NYC 1900-1930s are not the heavy handed "goombahs" that are building for the low class "Don Cheecho" wannabees of today !

They had that fine old world training and apprenticed with master craftsmen of the various building trades !

I'm an Italian/American grandson who is proud of these sort of men !

Many of the ones that are building today are merely tasteless contractors who start out with a van and have expanded into what they think is architecture !

True their houses might be built to last..... just like a brick shit house that will also last a thousand years !

Anonymous said...

These 2 examples are typical of the "palazzo stu cazzo" style that the nouveau riche' of the Malba, Beechurst and Whitestone areas love to flaunt!

They were built with scads of money but very little understanding of the finely proportioned detail that accompanies high level architecture!

Coarse and vulgar.....they assault the senses and insult those who have earned the right to call themselves architects !

When the Medici helped build Florence, the finest architects sculptors and painters of the Renaissance were employed !

Il Duomo was a masterpiece not only of art but a total innovation in engineering !

The dome on the house pictured on the left might coin a new expression in building .....
"Il Dumbo".....a laughable poor man's substitute for its original Florentine inspiration !

Let's move them both to some theme park..... maybe as a trattoria/pizzeria combo colossal dining pavilion right next to the roller coaster !

Anonymous said...

My, my, ole Crappie is spawning words faster then tha bard"

Crapaissance, Art Crappo, now El Dumbo.

Brilliant, brilliant.

No matter how much these guys have, they can never buy taste, or the soul of Queens Crap!

Anonymous said...

I like "palazzo stu cazzo" the best.

Anonymous said...

If these homes made use of real, genuine architectural elements, I could grant them more validity. But that'll never be the day, when it comes to developers in Queens & some councilmembers who kiss up.

Anonymous said...

There was a time when classier "dons" lived in areas like Malba and their appreciation of the finer detailed old world architecture reflected that fact.

What you've got living here now, primarily, are low class (got rich quick) owners of cash producing businesses.... such as....the "lords" of lawn-cutting ("landscaping") services, espresso bar/pastry shops (with or without card games in the back room) , expanded gas station/convenience stores "conditierri", contracting/home improvement "kings", pizza parlors "principos", etc.

Gee....what..... kl-ASS !

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me...get rich quick? I live in Whitestone, actually around the corner from those houses pictured and my father worked his @$$ off for my entire life to give my brother and I the life we have and the home we live in, so there was no getting rich quick. Furthermore, my fiancee is a landscaper, and if you think working 15 hours days 7 days a week qualifies as getting rich quick, you are sadly, sadly mistaken. In fact, most people I know who live in Whitestone, work harder than any of you yuppies ever could dream of

Anonymous said...

What yuppies do you think are commenting here?

These homes are tacky and only coveted by show-offs.