Tuesday, July 24, 2007

QC dorm developer chosen

Builder Chosen For QC Dorms

Queens College has announced that it has selected a developer for its proposed first-ever dormitory on the Flushing campus, but did so with less enthusiasm than expected. In its two-paragraph release, Queens College said a rendering of the proposed facility is currently unavailable.

Queens College Picks Developer For Dorm

The lack of detail for such an announcement, which has been in the works for some time, came as a surprise. Even elected officials had not been informed.

Dorms: Dream or nightmare?

Photo from Queens Tribune


Anonymous said...

Oh I get it. Queens College plans to eliminate every bit of open space. Why such an urgency for dorms? You existed so many years without them.

Anonymous said...

Because colleges can no longer afford to depend solely on drawing from the nearby local population to fulfill enrollment quotas set by them in their overall plans of promoting the great American education business !

Bodies (students) are money.....and like everything else in our culture....we rely on importing "students" from out of city, state and country !

So.....where are they going to sleep..... on the grass ?

No.....we need dorms to house them !

Anonymous said...

CUNY is relying on wealthy out-of-town students as a way of avoiding tuition hikes for the local students. It's sad to see a once-verdant campus become clogged with buildings.

As a CCNY alum, I am seeing the same thing happen to my alma mater- an athletic field closed in favor of a science research complex.